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Smell difference with low grade and high grade?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlueDream4Ever, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hello
    I was wondering is there any smell differences with low grade weed and high grade weed? Where I live it's poorly grown with no nutrients etc, so it doesn't get you high like good weed would. But the smell of it isn't a nice smell. Strong like burnt basil kind of smell. Does good weed smell like that aswell?

  2. From my personal experience higher quality weed tends to smell better.

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  3. That's what I was thinking. Reggie smells really bad imo, but I can learn to like the smell if that should be the same smell with good weed, even though i doubt it 
  4. No.
    Well-grown marijuana has a wide variety of terpenes (the things that smell) and they come in endless combinations.
    However, what you are describing is poorly-grown and/or improperly dried/cured.  I know that genetics has a good deal to do with things too, but no genetics will taste good or have the optimal effect unless it is grown and processed with care. It's not really that difficult to learn to do this…but it isn't always possible for people to grow their own. 
    I have tasted strains of marijuana that taste like licorice, blueberry, cheese, mangos, pineapple, lime, lemon, orange, pine, pine cleaner, etc., etc., etc.
    Improperly grown/processed marijuana quite often takes on that "basil" smell you describe -or hay.
    Vote to legalize marijuana in your state and then read up on the subject and grow it yourself. You'd be in for a real treat!
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    Thanks brother! That's the exact answer I wanted to know! 
    Sadly, I live in Europe, and I hope to move to Cali in 2016. Hopefully it will be legalized at that time! :) In scandinavia the weed isn't grown right, and is imported through other european countries....
  6. I always avoid smoking around my birds. I have a green cheek and a senegal. I blaze with the chickens and the doves outside constantly though. We had a rooster that started to get chink eyed even. I used to hold it and blow smoke right at its head. Now it's in my freezer though...
    And better bud smells better. From fruity to piney to earthy, the smells vary pretty widely.
  7. I don't smoke directly around my bird, I tend to smoke outside then come inside to play with it.

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  8. If your bud is dried more or older it will not smell as much. Ive bought shit cured 24hr prior and its very damp and reeks up an entire room but this right here is super fire but there is almost no smell. Look how it glistens in the light :eek:

    For testing the quality, i try to go by looks, like the trichomes giving it a fuzzy or hairy appearence, leafiness of the bud, smokin it to the face, etc.

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  9. Say both were grown and cured properly, a potent strain will smell sour and pungent, and usually from a few yards. Low potent bud will smell sweet and will not carry scent more than a few inches.

    Badly cured bud always smells like freshly cut grass.

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