Smell as Probable Cause

Discussion in 'General' started by Elevated801, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. What up GC! Been lurking on here for a couple years now but finally made an account recently!
    Well I recently got into a little bit of trouble with the law and I was just thinkin back to that terrible morning lol and the question came to mind why in the fuck is the smell of bud probable cause to search a car? I mean I understand that if you had smoke pouring out of your car and it reaks of the ganj that it could be argued for probable cause. I think any little piglet could just say that it smells like weed an then they can search at their will...
    Does anybody know why that smell is probable cause? Or how do you blades feel about smell as probable cause?Sorry I just had to rant and I'm happy to be part of the city!

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  2. Ehh, I don't know, I'll just wait out for legalization at this point. 
    Your car shouldn't smell if you don't smoke in it, and you shouldn't smoke in your car anyhow. 
  3. Yeah man I realize that now haha hindsight is 100% looking back on it. I just don't think smell should be valid to establish probable cause...who knows I'm probably just being a whiny bitch about it lol

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  4. The reason is that they want to be able to cite or arrest based on a hunch and need a legal means to do it
    you are catching on
  6. actually the supreme court has even ruled that the smell of cannabis ALONE is not enough for the odor can linger WEEKS.

    buuuuuuut try telling that the county D.A.....
  7. It's bullshit. That is why you carry a can of lemon air freshener and spray the fuck out of your car. And when the cop say "That is the smell of lemon air freshener that I just sprayed because my girlfriends cat was in here and it smelled like cat piss"....the burden of proof is on the state.
    Mostly smell is probable cause because cops are limp dicked shit for brains that want to go for the easy busts. They can't really mess with real criminals because they might get their ass kicked. And as you may have seen, most are fat and lazy, skinny and lazy, or just sociopaths...that are lazy.
    The only thing I tell the DA is to quit wasting my time and get this shit in front of a jury. 6 out of 10 people think our courts are corrupt. All I need is one juror to disagree with them. And I'll take that chance over a bullshit plea bargain. I actually have my own opening and closing arguements pre-written. And if my lawyer or the public defender wont read them or allow me to read them...Guess what? "Ineffective counsel" Re-Trial.....eventually they have to drop the case. But I'll spend a million of their, yours, my tax dollars just to fuck up their game.
  9. appeal appeal's so easy if you actually CARE to KNOW Your Shit......after a while they'll even say fuck it and give up, seen it plenty.....its TOO easy to back a courthouse up for YEARS even with just One Case....hell even if it was a Drunk In can back that fucking shit hole up for 3 years with appeals under the right circumstance...
  10. Hahaha the funny thing is I had a bunch of old air freshened hangin off my windshield wiper knob and the cop in his report claims that as another reason he had to search my car. Like what the fuck? Am I not allowed to have some good smelling aromatics in my car. God I don't understand people who think it's a good idea to be an "officer of the law" lying sociopathic asshole.

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  11. It's a reason to be suspicious but doesn't support probable cause. That's what is so fucked up. People don't know the law, most can't afford an attorney, and public pretenders are getting kickbacks to lose.
  12. Back everything up and completely shirk responsibility. Interesting.
  13. Probable cause my ass. Fuck them! I have as much respect for the law as I do for the phony pieces of shit that made them. 
  14. God damn, cops fucking disgust me more everyday.
  15. It is, though it shouldn't be. Dogs are known to be less than 50%, let alone a person. The judge will always take the cop's side if he claims you smelled like it. Your best bet is to enter into a program now, because they're probably going to make you later, and then hopefully you can get the charges reduced 
  16. Most cops won't abuse it

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