Smashing Pumpkin Appreciatiors!

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  1. Ah sitting back right now; sparking up a bowl; put on the Smashing Pumpkins; Chilling out; then going to sleep!

    Let's get some love for the Smashing Pumpkins on grasscity, I've never really seen them mentioned on this thread, so how loves this band?
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    When i was about ten i walked 4 miles in the pouring snow and hail in below zero weather just to buy their greatest hits cd Rotten Apples.Not too much of a fan of the newer smashing pumpkins though.Man that reminds of how bad i want a copy of that cd.
  3. Soma is my favorite Pumpkins song. They were my favorite band for a while, I still like them a lot but I'm not listening to Mellon Collie every day of my life anymore.
  4. trippin to gish was always fun :)
  5. ive had melon collie since i was 13 and i still love it. i recently discovered siamese dream for the first time and its really great. i have not yet heard gish or the newer stuff, but MC is definitley an all time favorite of mine.
  6. MC is fucking great. i love 1979
  7. it was cool to listen to it as a kid, with a 13 year olds ears, and then sort of forget about it for 10 years, and then dust it off and rediscover it again. such an epic record.
  8. i don't really like them too much but i think 1979 is an incredible song. it always reminds me of doing stereotypical suburban high school stuff.
  9. LOVE Smashing Pumpkins got to see them 2 years ago at Virgin Festival.
    Of course their new stuff isn't as good as the original members.
    P.S. Is it me or is Billy Corgan really looking olllldddd now. lol.
  10. Time is never time at all
    You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
    And our lives are forever changed
    We will never be the same
    The more you change the less you feel

    - Tonight, Tonight

    Love Smashing pumpkins. Good for trips.
  11. Best band ever. I love them with all my heart... after a recent incident, every time I listen to Mellon Collie and Siamese Dreams all I can think about it nodding on OC.
  12. I've heard probably every SP song about a hundred thousand times. Although there's a place in my heart for 95% of their catalogue, I generally find that the harder SP gets, the better it gets, thus my two favorite SP tunes are United States and The Aeroplane Flies High.

    My album rankings:
    Gish 9/10
    Siamese Dream 10/10
    Pisces Iscariot 8.5/10
    Mellon Collie 9.5/10
    Aeroplane 9.5/10
    Adore 9/10
    Machina 6.5/10
    Zeitgeist 8/10
  13. I've listened to Smashing Pumpkins off and on

    throughout my teenage years more so now than ever

    right now I'm suck on the album "Adore"

    mine and my boyfriends favorite <3

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