Smashed my bong and gonna drill a new one

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  1. Right, so I had a 42 Below bottle as a bong, best bong I've ever used tbh.

    Long story short, was high and knocked it off the table and it smashed :(

    So I have another bottle in my room, gonna drill a hole in it (I didn't drill the first one, a friend used a drill press). I don't have diamond drill bits either, all I have is a vice grip and a drill. Still possible without shattering the bottle?
  2. not very likely, i suppose you could try though.
  3. Don't do it man! :eek:
  4. No, and dont attempt this without researching it more. If you dont have water running on the bottle while you are drilling, you could inhale glass dust:eek: which will fuck your shit up. Wear proper eye protection, gloves, and something over your mouth and make sure you have water running on the bottle. Also, do not press down, that is not how drilling glass works, you need to get a tip (preferably diamond but sometimes some of the other mineral dremel tips work) that will scrape away the glass in a circular motion. Think of it as scraping, not drilling.
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    I may be ignorant, but I'ma still try it. I've seen it being done. Or I'll buy a bong from the headshop if I shatter my bottle.

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