smashed into a Dunkin Donuts :)

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  1. So, one wintery morning, me and a buddy after smoking a stiff deciding to take a drive and grab some coffee.
    The car spend out of control and we hit the slide of the dunkin donuts, no one was hurt, we got to be on tv, and they got some free advertisement. No charges were filed, that was so awesome, thank goodness I was high, my state of mind at the time was so alert and carefree. Weed made my fucked up situation a good experience. F&A man:smoking:
  2. damn thats crazy lol. thankfully no one was hurt too
  3. no pain lots a gain lol contradicts the saying but whatever
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    I can picture him on TV

    "Well I was just doing my normal thing, driving to dunking donuts to get some coffee and ALL OF A SUDDEN the side of Dunkin Donuts extends out and hits the side of my car...I was like what the fuck This coffee better be free"

  5. i laughed, that was fuckin funny bro :hello:

    OP, cool story, bro! ;)
  6. This you???

    Oh, btw, at least the cops inside were to busy eating donuts to run out and see what happened
  7. hahaha +rep that made me laugh
  8. yeah, that 'ol Dunkin Donuts just jumped out at ya'.
  9. funny shit man.
    happened kinda like this?: [ame=]YouTube - Family guy stewie and brian[/ame]

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