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  1. Hey Grasscity. I hope someone out there with actual knowledge and not speculation can answer this. Im a great speculator myself :) so im using fox farms nutrient products which seems great as my sweet mommas are growing everyday. I run a RDWC system so if you look at the feeding schedule from Fox Farms under hydroponic section (a feeding schedule from fox farms im sure is downloadable from there website or elsewhere) around the 4th week you can see that they introduce a Micro Brew. Now all of their products are not all Organic as 2 of the 3 main nutrient supplements are basic materials and not Organic Wastes, Etc. I believe its Grow Big and Tiger Bloom that are the Kool-aids (basic supplements) as i call them and the Big Bloom is the all Organic wastes and such. Ok so now that i have all the items in this text ill ask the question. Doesnt the Salts in the Tiger Bloom and Grow Big kill/dry out the Microbe's in the Micro Brew? there for negating them all together? is there anyone who can help answer this for me as i dont know the true science behind it all. Thank you all so Much. GrassCity keeps my garden buzzing and busy!
  2. for Canna there's a feed chart that shows the nutes and additives on the x-axis and stage of growth on the y-axis. So each stage of growth lists how many ml/gal of each additive. If its listed for that stage, add it.
  3. Simple answer.

  4. obviously. thanks for the help
  5. ok great! thanks! but if you dont mind why does it not kill the microbes?

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