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Smart Pots

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by ClubBlitz, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. I am interested in using smart pots for my next grow both because of the reasons they they give for why they are better then traditional plastic pots but also because I will be able to use larger smart pots then the largest plastic pots that I can find which are 5 gallon. Does anyone have any experience using smart pots and able to give some insight into them.
  2. Yeah, Smartpots/air-pots are great! I use them for my mothers with perlite/vermiculite mix.
  3. I am interested changing to the smart pots for all my plants because i use AN Voodoo Juice, which makes my root system grow very large, also I like to grow my plant in the vegative stage for 2-3 months so i can get maximum yield per plant. Even using a 5 gallon plastic pot, my plants to become root bound.
  4. They are very nice. When you use it, your roots are "air pruned" I think it is called instead of curling around the pot. This also allows you to mist your roots if you desire. They also come in lots of sizes, even 100 gallon.

    They do tend to dry up a bit faster in between waterings though.
  5. Last question I have is how do you you transplant into bigger pots when using smart pots. Do you simply just put the plant and old pot in a new pot and back fill it with dirt?
  6. ...then you will love the big smartpots, just make sure you train them. I had a 56" monster in a 3 gal pot, vegged for 3 months. These things are a great investment, but I might try the reusable grocery bags next grow, they're big, cheap, and should have the same effect.
  7. Only one of those plants is supercropped and topped. The other three were just topped several times. The supercropped one is the one with very little lower growth, which is the main reason I decided to supercrop that specific plant.
  8. Smart pots are the shit. I have 18 45gallon pots for my outdoor. They work great.
  9. Got a question on smart pots. I am doing a grow with some ... how do you get the bottom to dry out properly. I have them in a water catcher but theres not enough surface area exposed for it to dry out. I don't want a mold problem.
  10. Mine are outside so they each sit on a wood pallet
  11. rhapsodyrocks, I'm going to be using smart pots with my wonder women once it's time to transplant out of the red cups.

    I plan on building a platform about 8 inches above ground. The platform will be made of metal screen. I want to put a fan under the platform to move air under the pots.

  12. Good idea I will be doing something similar.
  13. Smart pots are easy to transplant, you shouldnt have any problems there

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