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Smart Pots

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by madodah, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. This will be my first year of container growing outside, I've been an in-ground grower for many years, and Smart Pots seem the way to go for soil and root control. I'm returning my 25 gallon nursery pots and prepared to order Smart Pots as final transplant draws closer.

    20, 25 or 30 gallon size? I know bigger is normally considered better but seek input from experienced Smart Pot users.
  2. I never looked back after I started using smart pots. However I'm only using 3 and 5 gallon pots because I grow indoors in a somewhat confined space.

    I would say that the size might depend on the variety you are growing. Sativas generally have deeper root penetration and thus need slightly deeper and/or bigger pots. Indicas slightly less so. HTH
  3. my buddy is going to be using the 30 gal pots that were recomended by the grow shop.
    you would think you could use the smallers sizes since they claim to never get root bound but i guess its up to your prefrence. there was a smart pot booth at this bbq at the local grow shop with many others, and they had a picture of a fat as oak tree on a forklift in a 300 gal smart pot. it was a huge tree for the size pot.
  4. I'm not sure about the "smart pots", but I bought a couple of "gro pots", the guy said they are the same as "smart pots", but they have handles.

    Anyway, my point is, when comparing the sizes, the label said it was a 10 gal pot, when I opened it up it looked no bigger than a 5 gal bucket, when I got it home and transplanted into it, it only held about 6 gals of soil. So just be careful of what the size you are getting, you may want to get a biiger size than you think you need, not sure if they size them correctly.

    But I'm all about the way they work, I have some bag-seedlings growing in little 1gal "gro pots" and they are doing lovely, just hope they are girls.
  5. Not sure about your brand, but my smart pots that are 5 gallon, hold 5 gallons of soil mix, etc..

    These are great for all applications, whether 1-5gallons indoors, or larger outdoors.

    Some people say air pots are better, but I've never used those, as I am 100% happy with my smart pots.

  6. I purchased the 25 gallon ones. Best price I could find was $10 each plus UPS shipping from California. Far less expensive than conventional 25 gallon nursery pots.

    I had already purchased all my soil mix requirements for 25 gallon conventional nursery pots and decided to make it easy on myself.
  7. Make your own i did and way cheaper! All you need is sewing machine, zipp ties, and ether pond liner padding or weedblock rolls. I will try to do a DYI soon.
  8. You got any pics of those DIY smart pots?
  9. ive never seen DIY smart pots but they arent very expensive at all
  10. If one had a heavy duty sewing machine, gathered the materials, made a pattern and produced them they would have to be solely for personal use. Businesses eagerly enforce patent rights. When ten bucks each buys 25-gallon models I'll pay that price rather than take on another project. But more power to those who pursue self-sufficiency.
  11. I just completed transplanting into outdoor 25-gallon Smart Pots. A slight lip was left on each pot to hold mulch in the summer months and in a few days, after shock recovery, I'll apply one of LD's AACT recipes.

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  12. i like the little bell.:)
  13. They're sheep bells and all around my deer and rabbit fencing. Any touch to the fence and I chamber a round in the Beretta FP.

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