Smart Pots, For Indoor Grow? Xpert Advice Please

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  1. I was recently looking at these smart pots, about how they are supposed to be amazing
    they are designed for growing outside, but i was wondering it they would be worth using for an indoor grow (yes organic), IF so, what would be the smallest container i would be able to use through out the life term of the plant (i do not want to transplant into these pots, seedlings will be germinated then placed in them and stay there till chopped)
    I was thinking of getting about 20 of the 3 gallon pots to make the best of my room.
    What do you think?
    worth the money?
    best size?
    Really make a diff?
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    I would definitely recommend the Auto Pot for growing indoors - especially the 2 pot system that expands - they work especially well with a mix of hydroton pebbles and soil or just Mapito on its own

    good luck

  3. where an i find the Auto Pot? and whats hydroton pebbles, and Mapito? lol, im used to growing with plain soil, then adding nutes.
    thank you :)
  4. A number of us here (including me) will be trying out SmartPots for the first time this year. Ask us in November, LOL.
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    I've used the SmartPots' products for several years for growing some varieties of speciality culinary herbs for South East Asian restaurants up in Portland. I've also used them for growing saplings for which they were originally intended.

    For growing medical cannabis, especially in an indoor growing situation, they are especially effective for many of the same reasons that they work as well as they do in an outdoor growing environment.

    1. The 'air-pruning' of the roots results in greater root mass in the pot, i.e. most (if not all) of the soil will show viable root development rather than the roots hitting the side of a plastic pot when they then turn downward and begin wrapping around and around the bottom of the pot.

    2. The material allows for an exchange of air between the soil and the air meaning that heat stress is reduced because the root mass is kept cooler. This is especially true in an outdoor situation.

    3. Watering is more complete in that as you begin to water the pot, the water begins to come out of the sides of the pot from the top to the bottom resulting more oxygen being pulled into the soil as the water trickles down the growing medium.

    4. Cleaning them is easy and effective. Toss the used SmartPots into a laundromat with some Oxyclean and let them run through a cycle. No need to put them into a dryer. I'd advise against that actually.

    The most popular sizes at the indoor garden centers up in Portland (of which about 40% are now carrying these pots) are the #5, then the #7 followed up by the #3 sizes. I do not recommend starting in small pots and moving up to larger pots with these nursery pots. For a myriad of reasons that aren't necessarily germane to this discussion.

    Cost? They're about 20% more than the standard premium nursery stock pots at both the wholesale and retail levels around here. They're based in Oklahoma if that helps with regard to shipping costs to your part of the world.


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  6. why thank you, you have sold me on these pots. +rep for you mate.
  7. I can attest to their effectiveness at least anecdotally, I just grew 6 plants, 3 in smart pots the other 3 in smart pots. The three in the smart pots grew faster, began flowering faster and had greater yields than the plants in the plastic pots. The worst performer in the smart pot was still far better than the best in the the plastic pots. I will not be conducting this experiment again, I'm sold. Smart pots for all soil grows henceforth.
  8. I am looking to use smart pots on my next grow. Question, do the rots grow out of the bottom of the pot? Do you set the smart pots on anything??
  9. The roots don't grow out of the bag. They self prune when they reach the fabric. Any yes you do have to place to pots on something to collect the water the runs out of the pots. Since it is fabric, the water runs out of not only the bottom but the sides also. I am currently using the 3 gallon pots. I have 6 og kush inside and 4 outside in these things. I really enjoy working with them. I have a couple 20 Gallons lined up to use outside next year.
  10. So you will finish in the 3 gallons? May I ask what size light are u running?
  11. i'll vouch for smartpots indoors as well.

    i'm using 3 gal pots and am 4 weeks into flower.. i notice a huge difference with root mass, and so far yields are looking like a record for me (can't really attribute that to the pots i guess).
  12. Sounds like the smartpots are a smart choice to grow with:smoke:
  13. What size would you guys recommend to keep small vegging mothers in for personal clones? I will never take more than 4 clones at once so doesnt need to be huge i guess.
  14. My local hydro store just started carrying these. They look pretty cool.
  15. Would it be a lot of harm if I already transplanted 3 week old clones, into a 5 gallon pot, so I dont need to transplant anymore??
  16. I have a big Smartpot outdoors - doing very well right now. Aren´t they a bit big for indoors??
  17. We picked up 48 smart/45 gallon pots, for less than $2.00 each off of a local ad site. The pots were used once and the individual we got them from, was moving and wanted to switch to the 100 gallon pots.
    I wrote to the manufacturer, when I first saw the ad, asking some particulars and they told me to jump on that deal. These size pots, retail for about $16.95 each.
    We are very well seasoned hydroponic growers, with a lot of experience. I know a lot, but I will never claim, I know it all.
    These are for our outdoor grow.
    We are soaking them today to clean, opting out of travel into town to be held hostage by the laundromat.

    If you do, clean them at the laundromat,,,,the oxy clean is a good idea..If you clean them yourselves by soaking in a tub, I suggest you do not use Oxy Clean. I use it for stained clothing and some other cleaning, however it is really slippery stuff...

    So, THE FULL INTENT OF MY POST< is to check your local listings for anyone advertising them....They are a great purchase for all types of gowing and not just the medicinal cannabis...I intend to have several for my vegetables as well...
    You can find me all over by this nickname with the numbers 420 after it....

    Nice to be here...
  18. One other point about something said on here. If you are growing in an open area...YOU DO NOT HAVE to put anything under them or around them for water seepage.
    If you use them for your outdoor grow and live in an area, like the mountains like I will need to put a cage around them for upward added support.

    In our case, the caging is also due to a high number of deer in the area...Growing with these pots, will prevent for the most part, underground predators from getting at the juicy new roots on your plants.

    The Smart Pot customer service is EXCELLENT and they respond fast to alleviate any concerns or to answer questions. Since I am a consumer from H***, who kills with kindness, but knows how to communicate well, having 18 yrs under my own belt...and owned my own business prior...I really appreciate the way they treat people...GOOD!
  19. Im currently using smartpots for my easyryder grow, indoors. 1 gallon pots only 2 plants. They are growing super fast and healthy, I am really liking these pots! Cant complain, roots get more oxygen = happy plants
  20. I use em and I love em! I use the 3 gal size and they are good for an entire grow. Roots dont become bound like they will in an average pot. Most times the roots will circle, and they dont with the smart pots. They just air prune and then grow a dense mat of little hairs. filling the soil ball completely. Great product for keeping plants roots healthier for sure, and EASY to flush. You'll love em too!

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