Smart pot vs. 5 Gal bucket

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  1. Anyone got a suggestion? Never used smart pots before but considering it for the grow next month. Anyone notice a big difference? I read that they "air-prune" the roots and it promotes side branching growth of roots. My concern is, can you move them around once filled with dirt? I feel like it would jumble the roots around and flushing might be hard to do as well if I can't take them out of the tent once filled. Any thoughts? Thanks GC:wave:
  2. You are right about the "air prune" method but that is not the only advantage. I like the ones that have handles but given water the 5gallon sized pots can get heavy and can still be trotted around. I had 25 gallon pots and filled with soil the handles just ripped at the stitching. Put a little tray to catch runoff and ur done. I'll look for some pics.
  3. thanks for the reply dude makes me feel better about them. Your room looks nice! I'll throw some pics up as soon as possible
  4. Pro- impossible to over water!
    Pro- no stress transplant, just set a #1 inside a #5.
    Pro- The newer one have handles.
    Pro- I toss 20 at a time in the washing machine and wash in just hot water. super easy.
  5. 3rd option is self irrigating planters..can make a 5 gal bucket version for next to nothing
    pros=can't overwater, search em for ideas..i'm doing 4 for a patio space in all day sun..
  6. Lol, man SIPS have become pretty popular in the last yr. People are having stellar results with em too!
  7. thanks for the input guys
  8. I as we speak. In my journal am doing a size comparison from start. Side by side. One in a three gal plastic. One in a five gallon plastic and one in a five gallon smart pot. J is right the pros outweigh any cons I can't even think of

    You should come through and check the journal. Two weeks in and the three gallon plant is the largest.
  9. awesome dude ill keep an eye on that for sure, good experiment
  10. i'm gonna have to depend on a 3rd party to do some of my watering it's gotta be idiot proof for sure.. SIPs seem the only way to go..going to give one a test run in the next week and see..

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