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  1. I have 7 green crack sativa strains so they will be growing taller then my purple kush indica plants but idk what pot sizes I should use for the final growth I was thinking just using 7 gallon smart pot for the entire grow pls help
  2. We don't go by gallons here man, but my final pots DWC are 15 litre which is 4 gallons to you I think :/ and that's plenty big.
  3. Really lol they all just look so small this is my first grow so I have absolutely no idea
  4. Seven gallons should be fine

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  5. Yeah my first grow to bro Dharvey sounds like a pro, but yes for my space a 4x4 tent the 4 gallon are fine for me and won't hinder my grow in any way and expect to get around 10 ounce off a plant. (If all goes well from now)
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  6. Not a pro on my 3 grow I had my troubles and still do to this day I grow oraganic no liquid nutes my nutes is in my dirt it's called kindsoil you just water when dry growing in 3 gallons some thing I know some I'm still new to but I help out when I can

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  7. Well thanks everyone for ur input but I already bought a lot of soul and fertilizer so I think I'm just going to put big them in big pots and will update with pics after 40 day veg
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  8. Guess it depends on your space?
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