Smart (Cute) Girls Vs Dumb (Hot) Girls

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  1. If you had the option to choose one of the following different girls to be in a relationship with, who would you choose? Ladies, just imagine that they're guys. We'll call them Rebecca and Hannah. 
    Rebecca is really hot, and she has a gorgeous face. Great all around body, the perfect skin tone, really strives to dress fashionably and look great. But you couldn't have an intellectual conversation with her if her life depended on it. She might be able to tell you who the president is, but she wouldn't even be able to tell you who our last three presidents were. When you two go out on dates, conversation consists primarily of gossip and stories. Rebecca's world revolves around her public image on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, and she checks it constantly throughout her day and even checks through it while on dates, or while the two of you are trying to have a conversation. When you take her out, you immediately notice people looking at her and admiring her. She has quite the history with numerous ex-boyfriends, but the attention you get from your guy friends  and family when you're with her really makes you feel great. If made a wife in the future, she would be the typical stay at home mom kinda girl.
    Appearance Rating: 9-9.5/10
    Meanwhile, Hannah is by no means an unattractive girl. She's just not as attractive as Rebecca, and doesn't nearly have the nice, toned body Rebecca does. She's cute and can look even better if she really tries, but isn't anywhere near Rebecca's level. However, Hannah actually has a head on her shoulders, and can spend all day talking about anything with you, she's just that open-minded and perceptive that there is much more conversation than there would be with Rebecca. She's not as concerned with her public image, and is more career-driven than Rebecca. She has social media accounts, but she's not crazy about them. You're friends don't think she's anything special, but she definitely has the better personality out of the two. She's an adventurer, loves to go out and do things, loves to hike, camp, travel, and experience nature.  Whereas Rebecca prefers to sit under an umbrella on the beach and drink margaritas, Hannah prefers to go in the water kinda thing. 
    Appearance Rating: 7/10-8/10
    A better question is, who would you rather be with, and why? 

  2. Well, im not a male but....

    Hannah, Rebecca sounds like the girls I stay away from even as friends, lol. I like real conversation, not gossip. I don't care how I look, I'm always bummin it in sweats, yoga pants and tanks 24/7, I don't even own makeup.
  3. Stay away from women who can't get along with other women, problem solved. 
  4. You didn't mention that one of them had lungs of steel. That's all I care for in a girl, including a good personality.
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    Do you wanna pen pal or a poon pal? You decide
  6. i'd go with hannah. dumb bitches and the over use of social media pisses me off
  7. Dumb hot chicks are easy as all hell, and are great for a one-night-stand or a weekend in bed. But the cute, smart chicks are the ones you want. You can hold a conversation with them. Those are the ones you marry.
  8. We don't love them hoes LOL JK but from reading your description, Rebecca is the type of women you will want to penetrate till she can't walk anymore but after the sex, what else is there? Sure there's physical stimulation but if there's no mental stimulation then I'll just easily get bored with the chick. Do not fall in love with her, use your second head! 
    Hannah is the one that you should keep due to having an amiable personality, fun, open minded perceptive, adventurous plus you guys will never run of things to say. 
    Summary: Screw Rebecca, drill that pussy like a hammer! Wife Hannah, she's the better choice. 

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