Smart College Stoners

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AllyouneedisLove, May 26, 2013.

  1. Hey, I'm going to be a senior in HS which is besides the point.. I was just wondering if you guys think it'd be possible for a smart kid (2050 sat) who also doesn't care for the whole 'super smart, study study study, get a 4.0' kid.
    Bottom line, I'm smart and I want to smoke weed but also am motivated to be a doctor. I'm not a nerd, I'm not a lazy pothead. I'm one of those intellectual, musician, determined-to-make-money stoners. I'm a 'real' guy.
    \nI'm sure there are more people like me, and I'm curious as to who they are and if they think it'd be possible to do the whole pre-med thing at a good Top 50 school (not ivy league, more around UCSB) that embraces or is pro-weed or just has smart stoners. What's your toke on the whole topic? By the way, I'm  new member from Long Island, NY! Peace&Love   :smoking:


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