smallest space for 250w hps?please help!!

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  1. hello everyone!

    rite i have a problem im hoping you can help me with, i have a grow space of 52.5x52.5x90cm and im ordering a 250w hps am i going to have major heat problems?atm im using a 125w powerplant cfl light at temp high-80 low-74

    what space do you run your hps in?

    any input would be greatly apreciated from the micro pros on here as im ordering the light today..thanks :)
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    idk.. I have a pair of 70 watters in my cab ( 30 x 12 x 30 lwh in inches )... and its HARD to keep temps. down... lowest I hit with light on is about 80F.. and thats after a watering ,, avarage is 81...82 tops....and thats with a 6 in. blade fan outtake, two (soon 3) 4 in. passive intakes AND two 4 in. blade fans circulating air in the cab...


    EDIT: After doing some converting I DO NOT recommend such strong light... 20.6 x 20.6 x 35.4 in inches... nevermind burning your plants.. You'll probably burn your house down!!
    Look into cfl's
  3. You're gonna burn your plants.
  4. lol that is what i thought so glad i checkd with you guys!!iv just finishd a grow with 125w cfl in a powerplant reflector yielded 41 g dry off an auto so i may just buy a 250w cfl n see how that goes,thanks for the replys!
  5. what du guys think about a 150w digital hps with proper ventaltion? only place i can get one is the local hydro shop and he wants £130 and i can get a 250w digital cool tube for the same price online!
  6. upgrade your cab

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