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Smallest Pipe ever?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Tseten, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. that's more of a one-hitter IMO.
  2. ya thats def an on the go one hitter. id recommend investing in glass, ive heard bad reports when smoking out of metal
  3. oh i dont own it or anything just saw it when i was looking at the store. I got a glass bong and pipe
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    eh i hate those pipes, had one, bad choice.
    care to elaborate on those report?
    i smoke out of metal sometimes :O
  5. 2 inches Pft, if u want small get one of the cm pipes made by wickedglass there suuuuuuuuuper tiny so tiny you thin they wouldn't work or be desirable

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  6. Sneak and toke!

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  7. I don't think I could get a buzz with that thing.
  8. My friend had a inch long spoon. Fully functional too.
  9. it seems like you would need to clean it a lot to keep it working.
  10. Dunno he just had it for shit and giggles. This was like 9 years ago lol
  11. Looks more like a novelty than anything else.
  12. It's just not as healthy for you and it tastes bad. I got a metal pipe back when I first started smoking. I smoked it once and threw it out because I hated the taste
  13. I don't think I could get a buzz with that thing.[​IMG][​IMG]
  14. I have a pipe that's probably an inch long that you can only pack maybe .02 g or something in haha. You can get one decent hit off it. I got it for 5 bucks and I pretty much just got it for the lols. It is nice for a small high though. One bowl pack can get me a light buzz and keeps me from point too much haha
  15. Found one of these and a mini zippo helpin my friends mom move lol. It was a yellow one and my friend kept it. He lost it within like 2 days cuz it's so small. The zippo was like the size of a dime haha. I thought it was hilarious cuz he had a whole mini set up. Haha.

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    Keychain pipes like that have been sold for over 40 years. its a micro hash pipe. I had one as a novelty 35 years ago, they sold them at gas stations.
  17. we don't tolerate disrespect here. And by the way, you should learn how to spell before you go on a rant telling someone how stupid they are. You need to calm down and burn one my man.

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    Whenever i go to the headshop, they'll probably have like pile of 20 of these little maybe 2 inch glass pipes behind the case. I always wonder who the fuck is ever gonna buy one of those things lol. this looks more like a novelty piece being a key-chain and all.
  19. Ahhaa I had one when I was like 15 it was a one hitter. I had got it for free. Burned the shit out ur lips and fingers tho

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