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Smallest amount youve bought

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Geebee, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. What's the smallest amount of weed you've bought in a single transaction?

    I had five bucks and went to my dealers who lives right behind me and he just handed me a handful of weed :)

    P.s. I'm stoned off dank shit.
  2. This is completely unrelated to this post but i got a small piece of dank stuck in my eye one time and that one eye was red the rest of the night.
  3. I bought a bowl pack for a dollar at a concert if that counts lol
  4. some kid bought a 5 sack off of me, and then later tried saying that it wasnt enough. so the other guys i was chillen with were like " who the F buys a 5 sack" so one of my friends told him he would buy it for 6 bucks. he gave him 2 and im not sure if he ever got the other 4
  5. Fifty cents worth :eek:
    That's what joints costs in the early seventies. :smoke:
  6. I always get cute little nugs that fit in my bellybutton in a gum wrapper for about a nickle.

    No lie, bro.
  7. haha the smallest ive paid was 5 bucks but i also got a handful of bud from a friend
  8. In Brooklyn, back in the day, I remember purchasing a tre bag (3 dollars worth). I wonder if they still sell those.
  9. Ive bought .5's off friends when im out of weed and no ones around to chop.

    Hell in theory i've "bought" single tokes, but instead of paying with money i usually just repay in bowls once ive picked up...
  10. ok take a dimebag and divide that by 25
  11. just 1g for 20. Wasn't worth 20 for my first 2 dealers but my new one. Wow. just wow. Looks like someone made my weed a dessert it so frosty.
  12. Deff a nic. But I get strapped like 2 grams for 5 lmao. Pretty decent mids
  13. Well the smallest amout of weed ive bought is a grammers, but the smallest amout of money ive paid to get weed is probably $1 haha :smoke:
  14. .3 for a buck fitty
  15. Nickel bag o' funk.
  16. benners (£10) lol

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