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Smaller the person bigger the baked tell your story

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by quantumaxis, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I have some friends that get extremely baked because of there size. I have a friend that is about 5'2' and 100 lbs he is 18 lol. and he can take one hit off of so so weed and be extremely gone. So one day we thought it would be funny to have him smoke a quarter oz by him self and hot box it. he had a blunt and two joints and freaked out and wanted out of the car he thought he couldn't breathe but he was okay and fell asleep on the group out side the car while we smoked the rest. He was high the next three days no joke. he was not just high he was baked the next three Our plan for our grad night is to have him eat 50 in ediables and smoke then whole quarter it will be awsome!!!!
  2. I'm 18, 5'8", 120 lbs. I started smoking when I was about 15, and I was even smaller. I remember a few times when I just got way too fucking stoned. I remember one time I was smoking some good shit out of a homemade gravity bong in my friend's back yard with two other guys and eventually I just zoned out. My vision and hearing went to shit and I basically had no idea what was going on. The only thing I knew was that I was completely toasted and I thought I was going to pass out. Apparently I stood up, walked inside to my friend's room, and just fell asleep on her bed. I don't remember that, though. Oops!

    Chillin' a little bit too hard. :p

  3. dam, thats fucked up, you let him trip and then let him sit out side!
    not cool, not cool,
  4. 6foot, 196 pounds,

    i can still get baked from 3 social passed joints with friends.

    is this normal?
  5. im 18, bout 5'2 and 120 pounds...yea it fuckin blows. i know theres alota other shorter people and it could be worse but it still really fuckin blows i still feel like a lil kid all the time...
  6. Lol thats not always true man. For a long long time me and my friend got fucking stupidly cained off mediocre amounts of weed. We're both big guys, me being 6 ft 4 and my mate being 6 ft. We've got a few friends who for a long time had much higher tolerance and they were much smaller.
  7. I'm 6'2" 130. I never really thought a persons size/weight would affect their tolerance, and even then if it does it can't be much. I think it would just be easier for a smaller person to lower their tolerance, and easier for a larger person to increase tolerance.
  8. I'm 6'4 and 240 pounds. I know not the plight of tiny mortals. Muwahahaha :D:smoking:;)
  9. Mee too!! haha

    Vikings FTW
  10. BE CAREFUL WITH EDIBLES! please don't over feed your buddy! ingesting too much thc is potentially dangerous. while it is impossible to OD while smoking bud Eating THC is much different.

    as for little uys getting more stoned... i'm only 5' 5" and while i can smoke with the big guys my eyes get redder than hell and i've been smoking for 17 years. i've had contacts for most of that time and thought that had something to do with the extremem redness but now since having lasek my eyes still get more cashed than any of my friends but it's not as bad as before.
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    I'm pretty sure size doesn't effect your tolerance, maybe he just smokes less often than you???

    And to the poster above, IT IS (almost)IMPOSSIBLE TO OD ON WEED, regardless of the method of consumption, no one is goin to eat so much weed that they overdose, doesn't matter if its smoked or eaten the LD-50 is still the same. so please make sure your telling the truth before you post
  12. I believe its more like how much fat you have,not your Height per say.

    Also, Id kick someone in the dick if they were using me as a experiment, that ain't being a bro.
  13. Im about 5'8 110lbs or 51kg (Im aussie)

    and been smoking since I was 15 (19 now) and can outsmoke my 6'6 , 220lbs best friend who is like a gym junkie.

    Usually he'll be out at 3 cones and ill keep going till about 5.

    But been smoking a lot longer then him! But we usually smoke everyday
  14. I'm 6ft, 300 lbs. Not a fatass if that's what you're thinking. Bench 290, squat in the 400-500's, but I get high as fuck off .5-1 gram of some mids.
  15. geez im ur height and 20 pounds heavier and im one of the skinniest ppl i know
  16. Damn bro, and I thought I was a midget. Im 5'7 and 150 hahah.

  17. Just to clarify I didn't say LETHAL overdose. and besides I haven't seen any human trials on the LD50 info for humans... (because there is none) you cannot test for lethal dose for humans and the closest oral tests have been conducted on dogs. as we know the percentage of body fat for dogs is quite different than humans. I simply wanted to warn him that is isn't smart to try to test your friend's limits. he may get very sick and possibly experience a panic attack or trigger other complications. If you have ever over eaten MJ before you know how awful you can feel. and lets say for instance you friend has a congenital heart valve problem that he doesn't know about. ingesting huge amounts of thc may aggravate his condition. just as some need to be careful with simple oral surgery and others do not. just some concern for his friend. I did not mean to imply that he would die just by eating bunch of goodies. but why take the risk to see how much your little buddy can take?

    Also do we really need to risk an incident when we all would like to see MJ laws reformed?
  18. Fucking bullshit, high the next 3 days, im willing to bet 100% of this story is false
  19. Im a lot thinner than my friend who is massive and I outsmoke him everytime, hell he only had a bowl the night he got arrested he says that he can't even remember jail lol.
    Just some guy tellin him that he has a pretty mouth lmao

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