Small Westcoast greenhouse.

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  1. About 2 months ago I decided to try growing. I already had a garden started with some vegi's and strawberrys. So I planted some bagseed, only three, thinking that they probably wouldn't even sprout. But mother nature proved me wrong.2 of the three seeds sprouted. One turned out to be male but I let it live, and the other female. So then I started 7 more seed's in some peet moss disks. All of them sprouted. I planted those in a homemade planter box.
    Right before I did that I got some materials and built a greenhouse. Just out of some painters plastic and 1"x1" pieces of wood, built it for under $15.00. And here's what it all looks like. Thinkin about bringing 6 of the 7 in to put in my new hydro system.
  2. Lookin' good.

    But you may want to seperate those closest to the top.

    One plant to a pot, or else you may experience tangled roots.

    Good luck on your grow!
  3. whats the benefit of having a greenhouse rather than just in the soil; other than the fact its pretty cool and varmit protection
  4. The greenhouse was really just an experiment. Everything was growing just fine, but as soon as I built the greenhouse around the plants, after acouple of days I noticed a difference. The strawberry's leaves grew even bigger and started growing vine-like stems alot faster. My corn, pepermint, and oregano took off growing, alot fuller.Same with the plants, the ones in the box up high responded really well. I'm thinking the humidity is a key factor. It's not just dry air but moist and more tropical-like.

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