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  1. Hello everyone, this is actually my third attempt at growing. The first two were not planned out well and I learned a few thing not to do. But right now I growing out of a bag of seeds, basically practice until I get this down, before buying the good stuff. Lol. Anyway I'm into 8 wks on this grow, (since I have no clue as to what they are, short of species, I call them: A, B, and C.) I'm running 2 200w Cfl's (2700k) and 2 150w Cfl's in shop lights on the side. I also have 3 100w Cfl's (5000k) surrounding one plant on three sides (easiest way for me is to upload my pics of my set up).
    I'm using miracle-grow moisture control (and it feeds up to three months) I use a fish pump to stir my water 24 hours before the water cycle. I think that is pretty much it. I welcome any and all advice that growers can share. And if I'm doing some wrong, PLEASE!!!!! let me know. Thanks guys and I will keep this going until harvest. (I will post some pics when I figure it out again)
  2. some pic's would help :D

    I've read that it's not good to use the 2700K lights at the same time as the 5000K. It can confuse the plant and give you males. Also how far away the lights are makes a big difference with cfl's.
  3. It won't let me get the pics of the set-up that i'm using so I will have to go and take new pics of them.

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  4. I usually keep the light about 5 - 12" depending on how fast they sprout up. But like I said this is my third grow. the last one didn't have enough light and it came out shitty. (Can we swear on here???) So I increase them lumen count on everything.
  5. i know with my first grow I had to keep them around 2" away or I would get a lot of stretching. Getting them closer may help getting them larger, I know there is a max range where cfl's no longer give any actual benefit to the plant so have to keep them what seems like overly close.

    I know you may need more light but when you switch from veg. to flowering is when you switch from the 5000K lights to the lower temp lights. I had a mix of them also but it was recommended that I keep them all the same type because it can mess up the plant.

    I think you have 2 sativa's and an Inca (or maybe the other way around?) There's a guide in the newbie area that tells you how to figure it out. I know one is the skinny type leaves and the other has a wider one.
  6. No you are right. I plan to increase with 2 more 200w (3500k) when i send them to flowering. Which will be on the 27th. And yes I have 2 sativa's and an Indica. the Indica has the thinner leaves. ( Call that one plant C. Lol.) But right now the lumen count is some where around 10,000+. And they seem to be doing really good for some seeds that I found laying around.
  7. nice! look forward to seeing how it turns out. I was curious if you could use the lower temp lights even while veging (my grow is a little light on lumens) once my plants get a little bigger I might stick a couple of the larger lights I have in there to help out.
  8. You can never have enough lumens!!!!! Plants thrive on light so more is never enough in this case. I did alot of research and read countless articles and blogs on how to grow with cfl's and the same thing keep coming up the same. More lumens the better at any stage of growth. Plant B and C are currently under 2700k now, where as plant A is under 5000k. I will be putting plant A under 2700k when it is time to flower. Well that is the plan anyway.
  9. These were taken to day, and I'm thinking about sending them to flower on the 1st.

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  10. Well nothing new other than I got my babies ready to go for flowering time. I basically just trimmed a lot of the shade leaves off and gave them I good watering. Again I used just plain water the has had a fish pump running in it for 24 hours. They are going to flower in 3 days, I'm so excited. On plant A and plant C I have used twine to tie the branches closer together. Plant B is thick stalked so I didn't have to bring them in.

    Here are some pics. The order of these pics is:

    Plant A, Plant B, Plant C

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  11. whats ur total actual watts? im using 29- 26w 2700k bulbs on 4 girls on 49th day of flower
  12. I was using 2 42w and 2 55w on two plants.
  13. Well I have decided yet again to change it and send them to flower. Just went out and bought 2 68 (300w equiv.) and put the babies on them. So I will know have 16,120 lumens and within in the next couple days I will be adding two more shop lights for the back side of the plants. In those I'm putting in 42w (150w equiv) spiking my lumen count up to 21,720 lumens. Well that is the plan. Any way here r the pics.

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  14. Well I'm two days into flowering and I find holes and spots on some of the leaves on plant B. I'm thinking that that soil is not good for the plants since the only thing I use for nutes is what comes in the soil. I have only watered and leaf sprayed the plant. I use ONLY water that has been oxygenated water. My next grow I will have complete control as to the nutes that go into it. I plan on using FoxFarm or Happy Frog.

    Here are some pics of what I'm talking about with the leaves:

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  15. Well I just took some new pics today. I did a complete water saturation of the soil because my ph is around 8.0. But i have been reading up on the ph for marijuana, and have found that ph should be around 7.0. So I'm at. I will have to see what happens.

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  16. Here is a vid of my set-up. Enjoy. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  17. Just did a closer look on all three plant and it looks like I will be having 2 males and a female. Both plant A and Plant B are growing sacks. Am going to wait about a week to really determine if in fact they are males.
  18. ack that sucks if they turn out to be males :( looking pretty good so far.
  19. Well found out today that plant Ab was a male. So I chopped it and killed it. Now I have to wait and see if plants B and C are males or not. So I'm back to the waiting game. LOL

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