Small, stealthy cabinet setup (low budget) - some advice for a complete newbie, please.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by theneedledroptano, Nov 7, 2022.

  1. So far all I have is a wood cabinet - 23" x 21" x 40" (58 x 52 x 100cm). White interior.

    The plan is pretty standard:

    - only 1 or 2 plants in fabric pots
    - one or two small oscillating fans (6" or 15cm)
    - 250W HPS 2100K 32000lm bulb
    - 250W dimmable ballast
    - air cooled reflector
    - exhaust fan (about 200 m3/h or ~120 cfm)
    - carbon filter (rating slightly higher than the fan)
    - passive intake hole(s) at the bottom of the cabinet
    - no outdoor venting if I can avoid it (would be too compromising, couldn't mask it well enough)
    - bare minimum ducting

    I've done my research, but I still have a few questions:

    1) if the cabinet's width is 23", it's a bit too narrow to fit the filter (7"-10" or 18-25cm), the air cooled reflector (17"-21" or 44-52cm) and the exhaust fan in a straight line. Can I just do this?

    ...which leads me to the next question...

    2) should I bother trying to fit it all inside a cabinet of this size *OR* should I get something slightly bigger just to avoid future hassle (plant too close to bulb etc.)? the biggest I can go without attracting attention is about 28" x 28" x 47" (70 x 70 x 120cm).

    3) (see picture below) the first one is $35 and the second one is $90. Is there a noticable difference in efficiency? Again, I'm on a preeeetty tight budget.

    4) is the 250W HPS the only bulb I need? I read somewhere that a CFL bulb might be good for germination/sprouting and I'm not sure if it's true.
  2. Blue spectrum for seedling/veg and HPS for flower is the way to go.

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