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Small Room Master Kush

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by sodope28, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Hello so i started this master kush back in november. I have been vegging since in order to make good clones, and i startedd from regular seeds.
    I now have 6 nice plants, and took 3 cuttings from each.
    I am ordering a small 4x4x6.6 tent for vegging and the room i use for flower is 8x4x10.
    I will post pictures soon
  2. Im starting to have problems with the mother plants, I am starting to have yellowing of the lower leaves. Currently feeding organic nuts with the balanced pH.

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  3. Also am having wilting Clones. First time it does this, i changed my growing space and my clones are now wilting is this normal?

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  4. Looks like its a little low on nitrogen imo. Also you might be catching that due to lack of light top the
    Branches i see the same thing in my bonsai moms c. As far as clones are you spraying regularly?
  5. In order to solve i should change my feeding schedual? Im currently feeding Ocean Grow and Hummecca from the Green Gold Line. I spray the mothers with also some Xplod formula to help them produce more bud sites.

    The clones i have been spraying once a day when i take the dome of to let air come in. The dome stays on throughout the day except for about 10 minutes.
  6. I would just add ~20% more of what ever your using for N
  7. thanks thats what im doing, and the older leafs dont seem to turn yellow anymore. The clones alsp are starting to look straight up again.
  8. glad to hear it!
  9. Long time since my last update.
    1. I have a new 4x4 tent that i use for vegging with a 400 watt MH and i also got a 4 foot t5.
    2. I took 3 clones from each of my 6 mother plants, and 17/18 rooted.
    3. After 2 weeks veg i put into flower in order to see which of the 6 are male/female and which i will keep aas a mother.
    4. il post pics very soon, but my 6 mothers some seem to have trouble and i think its due to a salt buildup because i have been feeding nuts in nearly every watering which is bad, but this was beacuse i thought there was a deficiency.
    5. if things get worst i will flush the soil of the mother that i am keeping, or even take a couple clones and use a second gen mother.

    I will post pictures very soon when i get the time for it, some of the disadvantages of growing in a remote location not at home.
  10. put the clones into flowering on feb. 11
  11. Not far behind me my clones moved to flower room 20 days ago what's your total count looking like
  12. i got very lucky i had 17 clones about 3 from each mothrr and out of my 6 mothers 1 turned to be a male. i theirfore have 15 female clonrs in flowering. for now and will take more clones as of today in order to keep it running
  13. Awesome I'm currently running around 30 undersized clones and random lsts, but i have 2 sqft more then you i believe looking good though
  14. i did switch my tent to veging now and i got the clones in my 10 x 4 feet room
  15. nice i wish i had that kind of space available
  16. its really nice, but still not big enough :p
    I started with a 1'x2' and now i upgraded to this but bigger can be better, i still have trouble moving around
  17. Yea i started off in a 2x4 box all little expansions at time.

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