Small plants on rooftop.

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    Hey guys this might seem like a stupid question but ill ask it anyways... So im having some northern light seeds coming soon and i have some greek schwag growing now as a trial since im a newbie... I am thinking of leaving the three pots on my ROOF since I live in the loft and no family member would ever see them... However is there a chance that police helicopters can spot them? I live in the suburbs however I hear some helicopters flying over from time to time...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. probly not a good idea why not finish them out get the experiance of a first time grow then after u cut start your namebrand seeds
  3. I don't mean to be rude, but if you are seriously considering putting your pot plants on your roof, you might want to find another hobby before you get yourself arrested and your parents' house taken.
  4. haha I know it sounds like a very stupid idea but if you saw the house and all you would understand why i considered it in the first place... anyways i decided not too because its just not worth the risk
  5. I can't say I never thought about growing on a roof top, but it IS a stupid idea.
  6. exactly twas just a thought ;)
  7. normally with the ways the laws are you dont wanna take any risk... but if you are willing to take a risk i'd say go for it

    my thinking(which admittedly could be flawed) is normally the people in helicopters are looking for large outdoor grows or their using flir/infrared heat detection to check for hot spots in buildings, it seems like it'd be incredibly difficult and time consuming to look at rooftops for marijuana plants, also until they're a pretty big size if you're 50-100ft(maybe more? i dont know how high they fly) above the building it'd be relatively hard to distinguish what type of plants were being grown, and the fact that theres only gonna be 3 makes it seem to me like they'd be little dots on the rooftop if viewed by eye
  8. Like I said those roof tops look really tempting to me.
  9. It doesn't matter if he's growing pot plants or basil -- plants on a roof are going to garner attention regardless. There is no way around it - this is a really bad idea, period.
  10. think about it though, all day sun :p

    Even if you did plant it. your parents would find it. thy would wonder why you were on the roof so much more then normal.

    ask their permission and you are all good.

  11. hey evilhoodlem I planted them in the forest 5 minutes away from my house just to see what happens ofcourse ill go water them , however even if I wanted to do the thing on the roof my parents wouldnt know anything because i live in the loft so i can go with no problem :p

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