Small Plants in Flower mode (MICRO/CLOSET GROWERS - THIS FOR YOU)

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by PizzaAndPasta, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Hey, here are some pics.

    Another forum's user said they look like matterhorns or little volcanoes, lol.

    Couple more weeks and I can get them the hell out of there and chopped up. This has been like 120+ days so far because I was training them and my setup was less power when I first started. Also, I don't know what is going on on my lighter.
    IMG_2853.PNG IMG_2851.JPG IMG_2841.JPG IMG_2840.JPG IMG_2839.JPG IMG_2838.JPG IMG_2837.JPG IMG_2836.JPG IMG_2835.JPG IMG_2833.JPG
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