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  1. This is our first grow and we are having a couple of problems. We are growing 4 wonder woman and 3 white widows from Nirvana seeds.
    We think the plants seem rather small for their age. They are all between 3” and 6” tall and are 6 weeks old. Is this a normal size for these strains at this age?
    DSCF1893.JPG DSCF1894.JPG
    One of the White Widows has always had wrinkly twisted leafs.
    DSCF1877.JPG DSCF1888.JPG DSCF1891.JPG
    We have always had an issue with low humidity (20% all the time). We have tried humidifiers both in and out of the tent but it makes no difference with the exhaust running.
    They are in a 4'x4' grow tent under two 6 lamp t5 light fixtures with grow bulbs. They are 2"-3" away from the plants.The day time high in the grow tent with lights on peaks at 87 and the low around 75 with lights off. They are on a 18/6 light schedule.
    They are growing in 75% coco 25% perlite with added dolomite lime in 2gal pots. We are using a General Organics “Go Box” nute kit now at full strength. We water on average every 3 days. We use RO water and ph to between 5.8 and 6.0 each time we water.
    We would really like everyone's thoughts on the plant size and humidity issue. Thank you.

  2. Idk seems like they would a little bigger .. Maybe raise the light a couple of inches and let them stretch a little ..

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  3. Thank you jmayes. We raised the lights so they are a minimum of 8 inches away from the top of the plants. Hopefully this will help them stretch up.
    Does anyone have any ideas about the strange growth or humidity issue.
  4. Something is wrong IMO. 6-7 weeks of growth should be way bigger. What Is your PH?
  5. We ph our nutes at 5.8-6.0. We are watering tonight and we will be checking the ph of our run off.
  6. Just got done watering with 5.8 ph nutes. Tested the run off individually and had a range of 6.5-7.3
  7. In my experience, the dolomite level is probly higher on the widow with the funkky leaves.. try ph'n your water at 6.6-6.8ish.. they should be way bigger at 6 weekks.. i dont ph anymore but 6.8 is where i run mine.. good color so they have to be gettin nutes at that ph level, but i think your missin some of the nutrients by lockin them out..

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  8. Humidity i would maybe mist them a couple times a week.. every 3 dayys watering also seems a bit long for coco.. most guys i know are watering every day, some twice a day..

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  9. coco is neutral, so if yer goin in at 5.8 and out at 7ish, somethings wrong.. i would for sure flush and start running a slightly higher ph.. i would bet yer runoff #s will be more comparable to yer nutes goin in..

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  10. We have read on multiple sites that you treat coco like it is hydro and to ph to 5.8. We will have to check on ph recommendations again.
    We water about every 3 days sometimes sooner. We were watering every day and they were showing signs of over watering so we backed off. They seem to do better with more time between watering.
    We added the dolomite when we transplanted into the 2gal buckets 2 weeks ago and the one White Widow already had strange growth so it can't be that. That twisted and shriveled growth was there from the time she sprouted.
    Thank you for the info Hypercardiac.

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