Small plant 18 days old, leaves turning down (dying) and turning pale :/

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    Hi , this plant is about 2weeks and a half old and its leaves are hanging and it's turning yellow, it has already been broken but it healed it's stem. I don't know what to do with it or what i'm doing wrong, too much watering? Could it help by not giving it any water for a few days? Or would any nutricions help ? I'm a noobie , it's my first plant, bloodclot -_-'.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. over watering... let it dry out... whats the pH ur watering with? the soil might be to rich, or th pH is locking out all food so leaves are dying and it looks like its under feed
  3. oh yeah dude way over watered. only water it when you stick your finger in the soil and stick it in to about the first/2nd knuckle. if their is still moist soil underneath the surface dont water.... wait till its dry atleast and inch under the surface. so let your baby dry out atleast like 5 days or 6 and it should perk back up if not go out and buy germination soil. take it carefully out of that soil if you can (unless huge root base already, which i doubt due to over watering) put it in the new soil that has fermaculit or perlite in it for soil airation and then water accordingly. get good soil and water appropriately and you will be laughing at how well she will do :)

    keep it up man good luck :)
  4. and if you dont already you need to go get a light. That thing is a stretched out plant.
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    Thanks for the information Canadian RooR, i'm going to follow your guidelines and i can't wait to see it growing again, as it should be :).
    And crazyacres, more people told me today that i'm definitly going to need a lamp, i already know where to get one .. :),
    and janemba, i don't have those ph meters, i searched for it at a local gardencenter but nowhere to find -_-'.
  6. What soil is the medium your using right now .. .. ?
  7. Just some soil i got from my dad, who uses it for his plants, like orchids etc. and i don't have any products yet for the plant, i'm from belgium so i don't quite know the brands and stuff i see on the internet over here.. They say stuff like fertilizers for tomato plants are good.., don't quite know if it's correct though.
  8. I've seen miracle grow for tomatoes used but I would only do it if I had no alternative and I think soil for orchids is different from the soil used for other plants there's soil for plants and veggies and soil for flowers and if I'm not mistaken orchids have there bery own soil from miracle grow idk why this is but maybe something to look in to it might not be any good for ur girl
  9. Which means, I have to find better soil too then.., damn x)

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