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  1. Hi!

    So I'm a first-time grower.
    Received a small plant from a friend that I believe is a female and fairly mature because it has already produced a large bud.

    I moved it to a 10-gallon smart pot so I could air prune the roots eventually and put it in some fresh soil (Fox Farms - Ocean Forest). It gets around 8-12 hours of sun a day and I've been watering it every 2-3 days. I've also started some low stress bending in hopes that it will start to grow larger. I've added some images of it for ref. I know it has some nutrient burn on the leaves, I was using some fish fertilizer in the beginning and then quickly stopped after realizing that it might be too much nitrogen for it and smoking that much mercury might not be the best.

    Questions are:
    - What else can I do to help it grow larger at this stage? (food, water, sun, etc)
    - Will the bending help produce more growth - and is that the best thing for it right now?
    - Should I harvest and dry this large bud at the top to send energy back into growing the plant?
    Any and all help would be amazing!
    Thank you

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  2. If I were you, I'd reveg it. Do you have a decent grow light?
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  3. You're saying to send it back through the "vegetative" stage? And no I don't, I'm guessing I should buy one, that's no problem, any recommends on brand? And what does "revegging" it entail?
  4. Thanks! I thought so as well when he gave it to me.
  5. Yep, exactly. With a decent grow light, you would just put the plant under it for 18 hours a day or more. It will take probably a month to get it back to fully vegetative state.

    If you're in the US, I'd recommend Quantum boards from Horticulture Lighting Group. The more watts the better but, if you don't plan to continue growing after, their lower watt units will still work.

    QB Kits

    You'd get it back to veg and then grow it out as big as you want it to be and then put it back into flower again by dropping the light time back down to 12 hour on 12 off.
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  6. Agreed. Some calyxes look swollen.
  7. I’d just finish it and take the seeds start over.

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  8. I wouldn't reveg it. Quicker just to start new, plus it doesn't look very healthy as is.

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