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Small pickup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudRUs, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I just got a pickup I was wondering if i was ripped off. I paid $25 for this. The picture is one of the biggest nugs that was in the sack. It's pretty dense, It's mids I realize this, but I was wondering if the weight looks right. Theres like 3 or 4 smaller nugs and some shake in the pill bottle. Sorry the pictures so bad it was on my webcamera.

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  2. how much (weight-wise) was it supposed to be?
  3. yeah, i'm not sure how much you were supposed to recieve? looks like about two grams to me, but hard to say
  4. I left my bionic eye that magically weighs things from pictures in my other suit today.
  5. Pretty tough without it all being laid out on a table or something to estimate weight, just get a scale man, sorts all the weight issues out and they're only like...10$ over there.
  6. Know what your getting before you get it. Invest in a small cheap scale because a gram/ounce is a weight not a size. You might of gotten ripped off, but theres a good chance that you didnt. But to aviod this in the future I would get a scale and know what im buying.
  7. If you want any accurate estimations of how much it is, you might want to lay it out on a table, somewhere well-lit.

    Just from that, looks like maybe 2.5 - 3 grams.
  8. Why the fuck do people keep doing this?
    They take shitty cellphone quality pics in horrible lighting and don't even tell us how much their supplier said it was.

    We need one thread where people post picturess (good quality) with an estimate for the weight and we all contribute by guessing the weight, instead of fucking 12 posts a day like this.
  9. Vlad, not everyone has the option to use a nice camera. So, yeah.

    Also at everyone else, thanks for the non flaming (seriously, I appreciate it) and I will post a picture of it all laid out. Thanks guys. I was wondering if it was worth what was paid. But I will lay it out.....
  10. but again, how much did you pay? it will be easier to judge that way.:cool:
  11. well usually you pay an even amount for pot, $10, $20, etc. I would say you prollay got jipped a little bit. but thats just me.
  12. I paid 25. But 5 was for gas, so really 20.
  13. Again, how much did you ask for? A gram, 1/8th, etc? We can't tell if you got jipped if you only tell us how much you paid.

    Did the guy selling you the bud tell you how much you were getting? A friend of mine always buys from this guy who "never says what the weed is", but she "always gets more than she pays for". I don't like this because I don't CARE if you give me more than I paid for if you're giving me mids when I asked for heads. Like wtf.

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