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Small pick-up, Late Session [IMG]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by andrewreynoldsx, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Well, it's Wednesday night/Thursday morning now, and it's time for a session. Picked up some beaster at an unbelievable price and decided to go with a grape swisher. I have recently been having fun rolling swishers and optimos.. I appreciate smoking a slow burning blunt.

    The more pictures I post, the more I learn about taking flicks and presentation. I will try to vary the photo's and lighting in my next thread :D.

    Call this herb, "Better Luck Next Time"

    Tools of the Trade



    :wave:Midwest over and out.

    And on a sad note...I am disappointed for the Packers organization for the fact that an agreement was not reached with my guy, Brett Favre. :confused:




    I am at a loss for words.
  2. nice bud smoke it up
  3. #3 hoodtalker_1, Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2008
    fuck brett. he was the packers and seemed like a real dude, not a greedy overpaid sports star. he really let me and many people down! he could have gone out like champ but instead going out like chump...only 1 letter difference

    oh btw decent looking buds
  4. dude ............what state do you live in.......i think i know you haha

    prob not though but maybe.......
  5. Nice beasters man. i cant smoke grape's anymore they taste aweful for some reason. Think ive had too many >.<
  6. me thinks if he were greedy, he would have taken the Packs 25 million offer to not play again rather than accepting a trade to a team like the ditchweed Jets (sorry Jets fans but it is the truth) for much less pay. it isnt about the money at all, its about playing while you can so you have no regrets down the road when you cant physically play anymore.

    bottomline, greed had nothing to do with it. the man wants to play football while he still can since father time is knocking on his door. The Packers front office are a bunch of idiots. they should have shelved Rodgers one more year and let Brett play this year. They made it to the NFC championship game last year with Favre and a very young team surrounding him. They would have had a better chance of getting back there this year with Farve leading them than the unproven with zero starts "Aaron Rodgers".

    They should fire the entire front office and their fans should boycott them the entire season for being so hard headed and stupid.

    If it werent for Tom Bradys god like season last year, Favre would have most likely been the MVP winner. I doubt he lost many skills over the winter / spring! think about it, he got them to within a field goal of the Superbowl last year!

    back to the original poster, nice looking buds bro!

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