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    Hey Stonerz! I'm new to I'm Max Yield. I'm from the West side of Atlanta. I've been tokin' for about 18yrs. I got so fed up of the crazy prices, I decided to start a small closet grow. Only 2 maybe more. I like Pineapple Chunk, GDP, Granddaddy Purp (for taste mostly), Tangerine Dream, All Super Skunks, The Grey MIsty Trichromes from the Grea Area Coffee Shop Amsterdam. So needless to say i love kief. My buddy's got some EAR WAX hash for me that he brought back from Colorado. Can't wait, my mouth is watering now thinking of it! LMFAO!!!
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    :cool:I have a small indoor 400whps rig. In a home built box. Only on second grow so far. First grow was unknown genetics. 4 plants total. Total yield 2.3oz dry. That's my first try too. This time 6 plants, 2 clones of the best plants on the first grow, 1 Diesel started from seed (unfeminized), 1 Pineapple Chunk (My favorite! 25%THC!!), 1 Lucid Bolt, 1 White Widow. I'm now in week 6 I believe. I have a partner who over looks day to day control. So far everything is Great. The Diesel, and Pineapple Chunk look AMAZING!!:cool::cool::cool: I'll Post a few pics and see if y'all agree.......:cool::cool::rolleyes:.........
  3. OK, sorry people I'm so green to this (lol), I dont know how to post the freaking pictures!! But, they are on the other page on general or def on new posts. Would someone please welcome me, and help me out? Thanks Everybody!!

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