small perpetual harvest? help plz

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    Looking to do a perpetual harvest with only 2to3 compartments I was hoping 1 for flower and 1 for veg, using clippings from more mature plants/clones (in veg box) to be put InTo a bubbler to root in the same veg box. Then ttansfered to flower

    can someone explain how the timing for something like this would go? Thanks
  2. Well, I'll just explain to you how mine works! I have 2 plants in veg constantly, after a 1 month veg then get put into flower, then after a month of flower another 2 get added in, so I basically have 6 in rotation constantly. 2 in veg, 4 in flower with 1/2 of the flowering plants being a month older than the others. Oh, and rooting clones takes ~7-14 days so I'd take cuttings about 5-6 weeks before you want them to go to flower. I hope this all made sense, a bit baked right now.
  3. perfect that exactly what i was looking for! how do you get your clones where does that come in the cycle?
  4. If you find a good strain you can grow it into a nice bush and take many many clones from it..two are flowering two are vegging while two more cuttings are rooting..the first ones finish when they come out the room to dry the two cuttings go into flower..time it right and youll have a steady supply..
  5. at my uncles I have 2 1000 watt hps lights and 1 1000watt mh for veg and a small clone box with a 2 bulb 2 ft t5 light - we have been trying to figure this out for 2 years now and this is what I ended up doing

    we have a max of 4 per light usually 4 on one light and 3 on the other because of the door opening in the way where the 4th one would go

    we like to take 1 plant down every 2-3 weeks and that means I have to put 1 in every 2-3 weeks

    I usually take lots more clones then I need and give the others to a friend, but I will take clones once per month or less and just LST them into the correct height for when I need them to go into flower - I will have up to 6 at most under 1 1000 watt mh and a minimum of 4 clones in 4x4 rock wool cubes or the clone tray

    I have had 4 clones of the same age go into flower 2-3 weeks apart and end up with the same amount on each plant, one was put into flower a full month after the first one and still I got the same out of it because I LST'ed it and topped it the right way - I occasionally cut a plant apart in veg and clone it throwing away the mother because I have no room in flower for it and its got to get out of the veg room to make room for the new ones that are coming out of the clone box - its tricky to get right

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