Small PC box - a few questions

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    Alright so I want to start growing in this thing but I have a few questions
    1. Its 16 inches tall, is that tall enough?
    2. What sort of wattage should I be looking at for just one plant?
    3. Weed is normally done growing in like 3 months? will it be different for this since it will be smaller?
    4. How do I hide the smell?
    Sorry for being such a noob but where can I get female seeds from? any recommended websites?
    Also I see people putting in screens to stop the plant growing to far, would you recommend this?
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    Ok so here we go see if I can get all the questions. :wave: :smoke: ok so first off the height. Yes it is fine. Best best would to do 12/12 from seed possible LST to train lower if you wanna veg a little. Next usually you need at least 85 watts for the first plant I would do a150watt cfl with your pic fan as exhaust and maybe a second fan and use odor killer as your smell protector. It will eliminate at least 4 plants in full bloom to my experience. I wouldn't do a screen I would simply tie her down a little. Also LST and 12/12 from seed should generate about an ounce. You can try vegging it for a little to get more yield if you like. But 12/12 from seed should be about a 2-2.5 month grow. And for the last attitude seed bank is the best place personally. They are amazing. Look for one short in nature and a indica they will give you more yield and stay shorter and bushier.

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