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Small or large bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Canada Smokes, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. I have a medium sized bong, about 2 feet or so in height. Don't get me wrong this bong is awesome, but it gets boring after a while, and I can't stand waiting for the smoke to travel up such a large neck (of the bong) so in my opinion, small bongs (around 1ft in height) are my favorite.

    Which do you prefer, small or large bongs? Why?

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  2. big bongs. little bongs get dirty so quick... never liked the small glass bongs. bubblers are good though
  3. I like my little 8in bong. Tough as hell, easy to travel with, easy to clean, cheap, and even has a little ice catcher and I upgraded the bowl. But I smoke like 1-2 bowls a night and like to keep it spotless so it works well for me.
    Big bongs are nice but with being OCD about a clean bong and not wanting to keep some 3-4 foot, $200 monster on my desk they just don't work well for me.
  4. I have pieces ranging from 18'' to 10''...5'' if storage bongs count.  Love my 18'', hope to get a 2 footer in the future.  All depends on design though.
  5. I got so used to using Ice Tea bottles during high school that the only 3 bongs I own are all that same size. Small enough to carry easily, big enough to hit you like a train.
    As long as it fucks you up, I don't see a problem.
  6. Idk size doesn't matter to me. Iv always hated really long bongs tho 10' not even worth hitting i just get super tired from the process.

    What its about for me is, how it pulls if while im hitting it it has good drag but not to much, and the CARB. If the bong has a carb cant be to big or you'll never clear it in one hit. If it doesn't have a carb i look at how easy it would be to clear after you pull the bowl. My bong is about 16" tall fat tho the entire diameter is about 4 inches. Got a big chamber that the bowl after a carbon filter leads into then a bend that leads into a air perc to the the mouth tubeing.

    My fave part of smoking is the hit, the burn from the smoke while i inhale and that almost cough when you exhale. So any bong i can white wall and clear with one hit.

    You smoke out of bongs tho you never really smoke anything els like pipes and js. You smoke out of a bong with a carbon filter you'll want to sit in your closet and get high all day. I hate pipes the high always gives me a migraine and it physically rips up my throat. the hot air from a pipe isnt super good for your lungs too.

    I guess this long as post is saying more that it should well for sure it is ha but that just shows how well a bong will fuck wit ya!
    BONGS FTW!!!

    Every thing under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by my grow light.
  7. Dont get me wrong, i like massive chedder cheese yellow milky rips that make you die lol but i like bowls too. So i spent like 60 bucks for a nice bubbler...kinda the best of both worlds. Bout 16" long. Sleek, sharp, easy to hide and it gets me glocked

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    Personally, I enjoy a small bong. It's just more convienant to transport. At a 420 event, pack at least a g into the bowl of a 3 foot roor and I'm a happy camper. I like large bongs at 420 events because.....well, because it's 420!!!!
  9. I've only hit a few larger pieces, but to me a smaller bong delivers a lot more flavor and quicker clearing. I have a 10 inch straight tube and I love it. 
  10. Id prefer a bub if u r talking small toking tools, get a big bong ic u gots a place for it

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  11. 18-24 inch straight tube, 7mm clear glass, 14mm diffused downstem, nothing better
    But if we are talking oil rigs, 5-9 inches is ideal, smaller the better but not below 5
  12. You can get a standard sherlock bubbler, or I guess a 1ft bong, but whats the point? I know another foot is quite a bit bigger but whats the difference besides that? I say get a bong of your preference but with a nice perc or I suppose a diffused downstem, I hear a lot of good things about those. I prefer the oil rig designs with the insane percolation
  13. yeah, simple is better. The more percolations and diffusors there are, the harder it is to clean. A nicely diffused downstem with maybe a single disk or honeycomb perc will fit anyones needs just fine. 
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    yeah i think the best preferred percolation comes from single percs anyway :p
    Never used a diffused downstem, I don't really like downstems lol. Nor do I like most straight tubes/bongs. They are quite the punch lol. A little thin straight tube is cool tho
  15. Small

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  16. ahaha the punch is what makes it the best, man! 
  17. I got a small 1 foot bong and it's all I need. It be nice if it were a bit bigger though, sometimes the lighter heat goes right into my eye.
  18. I like to keep it between a foot and 18 inches. I don't need a huge bong, but I don't like tiny little ones either.

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