Small/Micro BHO Extraction tube

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  1. I want to do a very small scale BHO extraction just to prove to myself that I can do it. I also do not have alot of bud right now. I want to use anywhere from 1g-5gs of high quality kiefy bud. I am debating between using a glass one hitter, a hollowed out metal pen tube, or a small bong slide. Does anyone have prior experience with doing small runs of BHO? And also, I dont care about how small my yield will be, I just want to get any amount of decent quality and smokable/vapable oil.
    Any input at all is appreciated.
  2. I went to my local head shop recently and found an absolutely perfect glass on glass extractor that fit ground up and packed around 4 grams. It was perfect for small batches, any smaller and I feel like I would have not gotten a return worth the effort/butane/weed. Mind you this nug was frosty as they get. I personally have never seen under the 3.5g extractors but I have seen people use rather small vape heads. Just my 2cents, hope all goes well! But I would suggest using a bit more nug just to get a more worth yield.

    EDIT:: Also, most of my small runs i lose what seems to be "alot" in the transfer process. Even though it isn't, with such small returns it seems like half the product. Please do not use any sort of plastic also, save yourself.
  3. I just went down to my local headshop and picked up the "small tube". The clerk said that it should hold up to 5 grams. If I wanted to do a test run with less than that, could I just pack the tube less tight? I don't have alot of bud right now I just feel like doing a dab aha
  4. Ive heard unbleached coffee filters work as a good filler.
  5. 50 micron screens or as mentioned above, UNBLEACHED Coffee filters work.

    You get more product by using 50 micron when blasting the butane, then use ethanol to purge the butane, get it nice and diluted in the ethanol, then filter through a unbleached coffee filter, then evap the ethanol over low heat in a water bath. best method
  6. Can I use isopropyl?

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