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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smallop, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. hi everyone. Its been awhile.... I used to sign on under starvingstudent(roommate) but now i got my own grow going and I need a little help. I am growing 20 seeds, 10 jack herer/northernlights and 10 kali mist/bc big bud. They have been growing for two ween under 2 dual 80 watt floros and since the first week they have been feed mother earth tea grow (1.50-0.75-1.50)45ml/4l. The light have been on for 24. Now the plans are about 3-4 inchs tall and have there own closet to vedge in with a 400 watt hps. The closet is 3.5-2.5. My question is should i put the plants in the closet with just the hps or should I put the floros in as well. The thing is I have a timmer for the hsp but not for the floros so they would have to stay on 24 hour a day. I know i read in the Grow guides that you can give 24 of light but i have also heard that this puts stress on them. So whats the best option. 400 watt hsp 18/6 or 400 watt hps and 2 dual 80 watt floros 24/7. Thank for your time

    Ps if any one has a picture of what these plants might look like in flowereing i would love to see them.
    thanks again
  2. Well i think you have a couple options.

    1) You could go to Walmart or the hardware store and pay $3 for a outlet thing so you can plug all the lights into the timer and go 18/6 with all lights. They have two packs of timers at Home Depot for like $5 for a pair too.

    2) You could ditch the timer and go 24 on with all the lights

    3) Or you could do just as you said and prob have no problems at all.

    The thing is the more light (lumes)the better, and you have the might as well use them. Thats how I feel anyhow.

    Here is what I did. I veg'd my plants nearly the entire time with the lights on 24 hours. The last 10 days or so I put them on 18/6, and then down to the 12/12. I think the little bit of time on 18/6 kept them from stretching. Im growing White Widow and have had ZERO probs. I only have a week of flowering to go, maybe two max.

    I would have spent more time on 18/6 but I didn't know about it at the time. The biggeste advantage to 18/6 to me is your electric bill will be lower and you will have a closet with the lights off at times so company over won't wonder why the light is on in there.
  3. Thanks for your time
    so is what your saying is that leaving your light on for 24 can lead to streched plants? How close do you have your 400 watt hps
  4. i think a 400w HPS is effective to about 24" or something... and you can put it as close as you want if you can eep temps down....

    id go 24hours on.... until flowering (so you might as well get timer anyway..)
  5. From what I gather this is how 24hr light "could" cause your plants to stretch (seems to make sense).

    Okay so your veg'n along for weeks and weeks at 24 on.............then all of a sudden you drop down to 12 on to flower. The idea is, the plant will be searching for light for a bit, caus'n it to stretch.

    My methos was to go from 24 on, down to around 18 on for a short bit, then finally down to the 12 on. Sort of a gradual drop (like in nature). As I said, ive had no problems.

    But...........all this said. Most growers will tell you a plant will veg just as good 18/6 and cost you less in electric bills.

    So..........if you have the timers and stuff go for the 18/6. But if you don't have a timer you will be fine.

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