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  1. I just switched to Jack's 321 continuous feed hydro. I'm loving the simplicity so far!

    Strain is Wedding Cake

    ppm 1200

    EC 1.7

    18/6 light cycle.

    Plants are clones that are a few weeks old.

    Water chilled to 65 degrees, humidity is 60%.

    LED lights about 24" above the plant canopy

    Everything else looks great!


  2. Show pics of the whole plant...can be really hard to try and diagnose a plant with one leaf picture.....but having said that....can be just as hard when its a whole plant
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  3. You never mentioned your pH.........could be the problem..........always check that first.
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  4. 1200 PPM's can be deceiving.
    You can have a excess of one nutrient and not enough of a another nutrient and still come up with 1200PPM's

    Without certain equipment your left with trying to ID the issue by the plants leaf's.

    I ended up buying a Nutrient Photometer and 29 different reagents for nutrient testing.
    This the only way I know of to test what each nutrient lever is in your hydroponic system.
    Nutrient Analysis Photometer - HI83325 (
    What I have found is most hydroponic bottled nutrients lack in the minerals.
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  5. 5.6 - 5.8
  6. I'm not too concerned about the nutrients. These are feeding very lightly. The 1200ppm was right after a fresh reservoir change a few days ago. It hasn't moved much. I've added back just about a gallon or so of water and the ppm's fell a bit (as expected).
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    I'm leaning towards a cal/mag issue and have added some to the reservoir.
  8. Id vote for scrap and start fresh :(:eek:
  9. Your plant has some kind of issue.
    Either PH fluctuation or a nutrient deficiency.
    I don't know why you would say your not worried about the nutrient levels ?
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  10. Have you run the setup you have before? Thinking maybe the bubblers aren't strong enough, because the plants, to me at least, look overwatered. Which sounds impossible in DWC unless there isn't enough air.
    I am not familiar with Jack's 321, so I may be way off base here.
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    I'm not running DWC. I have a flood/drain setup where I top feeding with the nutes gravity draining back to the reservoir.

    I feed 2x a day 12 hours apart. The pump turns on for 3 minutes at 6 am and 6 pm. The setup is the same as the 5 previous grows but this is the 1st grow with Jack's 321
  12. Ah, you are doing top feed recirc. Haven't tried that way, can't see how it would suffocate the roots though.

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