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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PhoenixPharmer, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. I've done outdoor growing but soon I'll be moving my operation indoors.

    I've been wondering exactly how much light I'll need. I only will have, probably 6 plants max in veg. and realistically only 2 or 3 flowering.

    So for flowering would I need just a single 400w HPS? And I'm clueless as to whats cost/plant growth efficiant for the vegative stage.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. A plant needs at least a 100 w per plant,so a 400 w light will be plenty for 2 or 3 flowering plants.Or you could put them all under a 1000 w light depending on if u want
    to spend the green on a bigger light.As for the growth efficiant stage,you can never go
    wrong with a high intensity light (hid)
  3. yeah a 400 will be sufficient for two to three plants. If you decide to go bigger stop at 600 because they are the most efficient lights made.

    Im not sure what you mean by "cost/plant growth efficient for the veg stage"??

  4. Meaning, it might use too much energy if i run the 400 watt HPS under 24/24 and under 18/6 light scheduals.

    What kind of CFL's (or what else is effective) can I get that wont SUCK tons of un-needed power but will produce a healthy and substantial amount of light for the vegative stage.
  5. Your gonna laugh.But i vegged pretty well with just three undercabinet flouro lamps from walmart.Just be sure to take the difuser off.I used 2 grow and one daylight.They run about 11 dollars for one.They are crap for lumens but hey, they worked for me. [​IMG]
  6. I'm pretty well satisfied with my grow box for vegetating. I'm using 4 27W Daylight and 2 23W Soft White CFL mini-twist bulbs in a couple of Rubbermaid storage totes. Works real good for me.



  7. Hello

    That is my first plant


    almost 3 week old and i hear pleasure do hear a good advice . anybody can tell, my plant is good or bad situation ? and tell some simple tips :)

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