small hiding spot

Discussion in 'General' started by imnotcleam, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. found a great spot to hide your weed all you need is a carmex can like this

    get a butter knife or some kind of pick to scoop out the carmex
    wash out whats left of it and wipe it dry with a towel
    then just pop in your stash
  2. that's great for those who only buy a gram at a time...

    not being a dick, just saying
  3. yea i know :l
  4. Or not, because it's really not worth it.

    There are much better stashes than that.

    I think the smell of that stuff would linger... I dunno...
  5. I think the smell of it would stay... And I couldn't handle that. I hate the smell of Carmex.
  6. I use those Orbit Big-E-Pak things...they have one that holds like 60 pieces of gum and what I do is empty all of it, put like an 8ers worth or a little more at the bottom then put a few pieces of gum on the top to cover the odor a bit.

    They also have a large one for like your 'office' or whatever that can probably hold like a half O if you tried.

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