small grow setup idea, would this work?

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    so i was thinking about putting 2-3 small plants behind my tv with a light for light at night and access to the sun when i can and a boatload of air fresheners. i was thinking that because i was usually up in my room without anyone else in here and my parents rarely venture farther than my door i could put em up by the window and let em grow in secret. all i'd have to do is push my dvd player, ps2 and laptop up closer to the tv to make a wall of sorts from any family members view and since i spend a lot of time in my room all i'd have to do if i saw someone coming is close the blinds and turn on the light. would this work out in practice because it sounds easy and convenient in theory (and i'd tuck the plants out of sight when i'm at school.) and if i got a job after school i'd just run the light at night.
  2. bad idea, just my opinion.
  3. How are you going to explain if you get caught bringing in gallons of water to your room? The fact that your room reeks of air fresheners? How do you know they don't go in your room when you're not there? How are you going to be sure your plant gets 12 hours of darkness once it's in flower? How are you going to keep the plants small enough

    I'm not trying to sound harsh, but you should think this through a bit more.
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    Hey man i would not suggest just window growing your ladies:eek:. What i would do if i were you is save some money and make your pc grow, or other small grow (you can get as big and advanced as you want) what i would suggest for a low budget grow i prob some CFLs, maybe soil I donno just do some research and decide whats best for you.:D
    Here is a LINK to a bunch of different ideas for your grow.
  5. I would say bad idea purely because I'd hate to have all that moving (getting to the plants and tending to them) and water around all those electronics. Why not set up a PC growbox? It'd look right at home in that corner and probably give you a better success rate.
  6. hey is that the 42" vizio? if so i got the same tv.. lol but to answer your question i would say bad idea.. i would do something like the computer grow or something a bit bigger if u can afford the space. a kid has a thread posted with pics of a comp grow if u need an idea, good luck.:smoking:
  7. word i'll come up with a better idea, dunno bout the pc growbox idea. my parents would wind up wondering why i have a pc case in the corner that i'm not using. it's a 37 inch vizio though.
  8. If they're around enough to notice that there's a PC case you're not using then they'd definitely notice plants flowering in your windowsill. Just say its a new gaming PC or something when you bring it in and start talking technical. That always makes my parents stop listening and stop caring.

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