Small grow room help!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by vols11999, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Please bear with me as I haver several questions. Thanks for your patients!

    First, there are four separate grow areas and all are inclosed. they are all 4'5" high, 57" wide and 26" deep.

    I was considering using the SOG method.

    Would a single 400w ventilated grow light be too much or too little or good enough?

    Would a blower in the bottom left to bring fresh air in & circulate the air in the grow area and an inline extraction fan on the top right with insulated ducting to get the hot air out do the job I need for ventilation and circulation?

    What do ya think of an intake filter for air entering the grow areas?

    Because of the limited space I was considering on buying the HydroFarm MegaGarden Hydroponics system. It measures 22"x22"x10" high. Do ya see any problems with that size for the SOG method? Each system holds 15 plants.

    I will use mylar for the entire space for light reflecting.

    I have an Ozone maker to help with smell and three dogs in the surrounding area as well as these grow areas are in my garage. These grow areas are to be TOTALLY COVERT to everyone but me.

    Please give me ideas on successful propogation and germination of my expensive seeds!!

    Please give your advice on my plans and make needed suggestions for improvement because the grow areas are under construction now and the seeds have been ordered and are on the way. Constructive critisism is welcomed!!
  2. A 400watt hps in there is fine. (assuming you mean 1 400watt hps per box/room)For ventilation all you need is an exhaust. Get an inline vortex blower and put it at the top blowing air out. If you want you can put a filter on it. For intake you can do a passive intake. Which is basically holes in the floor and when the blower pushes air out the air will be sucked in through the passive intake holes (like a vaccume)But youll need to make light traps which can be made from pvc corners . they will make sure there are no light leaks.IMO its cheaper to build your own hydro system. Search around and youll find some instructions somewhere (I think its in the overgrow faqs which are posted on this forum).Any more questions just ask.Good Luck with your grow. :)

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