Small grow questions! Input requested

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  1. Whats going on about to start a little grow 1-3plants
    Ak47/northern lights mix n some purp

    Trying to keep this grow simple lol
    What main things should I need for a successful grow?
    I've been looking into led lights from eBay and was wondering if the 225led lights would be suffficant enough as far as a light source for each plant..

  2. I assume that you're going hydroponics...
    There is MANY options for hydroponic systems, DWC, Bubble Buckets, Ebb&Gro sites, Ebb&Flo flood and drain tables.. There is just as many hydroponic setups as there are hydroponic systems..

    You will need some good nutes, a PPM/EC and PH meter too..

    Stay away from LEDs on FleaBay!!!
    Bad, Bad, Bad, news!!

    Also you do not want to use LED if you're not going to use a SCRoG or SOG method, they have VERY little penetrating light and are more for a flat canopy grow...

    Go with HID lighting or if you want to be cheap, CFLs...
  3. Well I'm tryna be a little cheap n see what I can get lol about how many Cfls should I use per plant? And what about reptile Cfls or reptile lights. In general?
  4. Well if u tryna b a lil cheap most of the hydro shops have used lamps but u hav to ask. Call around and see if u can find at least a 400 HID used. You can definitely find one, just a few stops away.

  5. Personally I never used CFLs so I have no place commenting on them..
    But I hear they work great, just use the actual wattage in your calculations, not the = too...

    1-3 plants is kind of a big range..
    They say that each plant needs about 1' foot, but this is totally based off what strain you're using.. I know you said "Ak47/northern lights mix n some purp", but you may want to use something different in the future, so plan ahead too..

    I would suggest maybe a 3x3 footprint with a 600w MH/HPS, will give you enough room to grow 4-5 "Ak47/northern lights mix n some purp" and plenty of light to do so...
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    Grow shops? Lol idk if south Florida has those
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    My bad bredrin, thought u was in 718. I didnt say GROW shop, i said hydro shop (hydroponic store). Dont forget that there are people dat gro things other than weed! Im sure theres one in florida. If my little ass city has 4, i would really be suprised if florida doesn't hav 1.
  8. Curious seen this light at walmart could this be used?

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    Lmao at bredrine but yea your right there should be one I forgot there are other things you can grow lol thanks tho brudda
  10. Do not use that shop light Hal's are awful for bud if your low on cash get some cfl's or a T5 light as they are pretty cheap and when you can move on to MH/HPS it's what I did and with each grow I added something with the money I saved from not having to buy my Meds. I used to live in Dade CO so there are hydro shops all over FL and the FL craigs list is good 2. Are your seeds fem if not I say start with 1 and then clone from he for your first grow.

  11. Remember if you buy a HID off craigslist you will want to replace the bulb because you will not know how old it is, or how much it was banged around..

    With age and banging around the HID bulbs will lose their effectiveness..
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    Yes what Jackster says is very true did 1 grow on a used one and got 13 oz bought a new bulb and got 1 1/2 ILBS out of same space. Thats 11oz more on the same strain.
  13. Okay, if you want to go cheap, I don't recomend this, you can use T5 lights. Make sure that you get 2 bulds in the blus and 2 in the red spectrum. Also get the ones that are 125w. This will work for you. If you are really serious about growing, invest in good lighting. A HPS and MH at 400w or 600w. It will make all the difference in the world. With these lights you will need to vent the hot air out. Need room for this. Something to think about.
  14. I used T5 and got some pretty dank buds check the net you may need to Scrog or sog and dont let the plants go over 3' but like charon said when you can gat a MH/HPS you'll get much more bud.

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