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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sir Bong Jovi, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. so i am limited to 2 feet height of growing area, is it possible to buy a hps light like 250w or something and mount it on the ceiling, then plant two plants, veg until 3 inches or so, then flower and have them reach a height of 1.5 feet? Is it possible to have plants this small? How much yield should i expect from a plant of this size? Is it worth the trouble to grow plants this small? Any help is appreciated, Thanks

    By the way, how much faster do the plants grow in flowering phase than in veg phase?
  2. Someone Answer Im In Need Of An Answer!
  3. HID probably will put out too much heat and will be too close in that size space. CFL's may be your best option. Use scrog/lst. Also think about Lowryder.
  4. Hey SBJ U sound as if ya have very limited space. Fluorescent bulbs would give off less heat, and go with the new T5's if possible, than scrogg ur grow. Hope that helps. Peace
  5. yeah....go CFL....they arent that bad u kno, vokal had 4 42w on one plant and he got 2.51 oz from just that one...(then again he is a master at LST too :p )

    about ur growing in flowering question i do not have hands on experience but i have read A LOT of grow journals and guides and everything else....i hear they do grow really fast during the beginning of flowering then the last couple weeks all the focus is on the buds getting fat....i hear it is normal for a plant to double or triple its size during flowering. hope that helps some....pros please correct me if im wrong...cuz i know i am not an expert.

    have fun with your grow....hope it turns out good....peace out:wave:
  6. Do not flower the plants at anything less than 12 inches tall otherwise it will not be worth all your time and effort. Plants can double and sometimes triple in size during flower. You can LST, Top, prune or do SCROG to keep them short. Also, consider using a pure indica strain as these stay pretty short as compared to sativas. Lowryder is good and short too.

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