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  1. rescued this plant from outside rabbits eating the root. for soil I use a mix of perlite, blood meal and bone meal, and the soil is what was dug up mixed with what I use will be adding worm casting when I transplant. the lighting I use is 2 long 6400 FL then four smaller cfl 2 2700 and 2 6400 cfl. Mylar hasn't been placed around but in the mail. here is some pictures can someone tell me why the leaves are so small and some only have 3 leaves its odd smells great with no buds too.

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  2. Where did you get that soil mix idea? Doesn't sound right at all.
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    well that's just some of it mg organic soil going to change to fox farm eventually. don't know where I got it but its on a memo pad there's lots of.stuff dolamite, Epson salts etc mixed in it. used superthrive as a additive also some mg all purpose plant food. the second picture is of the root half eaten

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  4. Bumping thread could use more input
  5. can someone move this to the proper forum for problems
  6. Boy this one looks like some work. So, the reason I belive it only has three point leaves, is due to its rough history, and the fact that it might still be young... Not sure. But with a plant that size, more light wouldn't hurt. Any thoughts about trying to clip some clones from it? Might be a male, but if its not, it might be easier to start from a clone or two...or six...
  7. yea was thinking about clipping some clones its 100% female and is quite old actually dissappointing I know but it recently started to show some life. by producing lots of smaller leafs ill get a picture update soon.

    the lighting I have just got off of a friend 2 Mh and 2 hps lights 600 watt each but there that shop light type so I'm not exactly sure what I have to do to make them work if anything haven't seen them. till I receive those lights I moved the top of the plant to about 1 inch away from the top of the second highest light. I also have taken the lower lights and stood them up on a pole so they are slightly all facing the plant. so at the moment its getting a lot more light.

    my plans for the room is to section it off and make a veg with the two mh and a bloom/bud room out of the other half layering the entire room almost with Mylar. ATM tho I'm going to see how this chick does and in the mean time cut losses as learning experience because I have learned so much just with this.
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    okay have been fixing the room up have split it up into two rooms for veg and bloom. Got Mylar on the all of the walls and just put up a 400 Watt hps and have 2 cfl 6400k lights for full spectrum so now starting to flower this mistreated plant finally. here's some pictures

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  9. Hey hey, now were cookin. Lookin good in there. Plant seems happy too.
    (So strange only three point leaves though...)

    Did you get that hps hooked up in there yet? I bet she'll love that! And anychance of getting those cfls closer? Those things really lose their lumins per sq foot, the further away they are.
  10. Yea, have the HPS hooked up the next is mounting it to the ceiling and then cutting the sheet metal so that it has alot better reflector. Once the Hps gets mounted to the ceiling the two cfls will be attached to the reflector clamp style off of the reflector's sides so there will be light in the front middle and back if you get me.

    I have a question though why is my plants leaves so bushy but not very big leaves. Would that because of the strain which is unknown? The soil which is garbage because I'd rather not stress the plant while budding. Or maybe the Nutrients which is miracle grow. I was looking for nuts and stumbled upon General Hydroponics micro/grow/bloom etc but is there a organic/soil version?

  11. Alright, so lighting is squared away... And I'm really not sure why the plants growing like that to be honest. Its strange but I'm really curious to see what happens when you flower. And to be honest, I've read that a lot of people transplant right before/day of flowering into bigger pots, so it might not be too late to get it out of that miracal grow... And yes there is and organic line of general hydro. Its called general organics, and I've been using it for a while now. They have a biothrive and a bloom along with tons of micro nutes, most of which are completly organic.

    I love those nutes!

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