Small grow pots = small plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CanadianKushPro, May 5, 2011.

  1. I have my plants in peat cups that are pretty small they can contain about a cup and half to two cups of soil. And they seem to have stoped growing after about two weeks.

    My ph and temp is fine plus i have 4 plants under a 250 watt MH and 2 cfls so light isnt a problem either.

    Will a small pot stop or slow a plants growth?
  2. The roots need space to grow. You should transplant to a larger pot.
  3. From seed you will need to transplant up to a bigger pot.. You can flower clones in cups that small though.. I have a 3 ouncer I'm flowering out now just about done.. Let me know and I'll post pics for ya if you want them.. From seed though they will need to have a more developed root system since they are not instantly mature like clones are..

  4. say you had a sativa seed could u grow and flower in a 16 ounce dixe cup? and what would this do other than reduce yeild?
  5. I just transplanted my other plants that are 15 days to 21 liter buckets im trying to grow trees of kush hahaha here are some pictures

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  6. i would take your tinfoil down, light reflects better off white paint than tinfoil.

  7. Agreed!
  8. Smart move moving them. Plants any plant just about wont grow much wider then the pot there in.

    You can use white paint or buy a roll of mylar and tape it on the walls.
  9. No it is mylar not tinfoil. I just ran out for this grow but i might just as well take it down or buy more.

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