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  1. So I got a small grow going in an armoire in my apartment and I want to prepare myself for the odor when the plant matures. I've read a lot about carbon filters but I already have an air purifier and was wondering if that would be sufficient. Its a small grow, only 4 plants, enclosed in the armoire but I also live in an apartment. Is it too dangerous to grow in an apartment complex? Should I scrap the whole thing before the smell gets me in trouble?
  2. You can grow in the apartment. Your air purifier, is it in the same room as the armoire, or is it in the actual armoire?

    Do not under estimate odor, however. Be prepared to act within a few days of when you start to smell it. Smell is a common bust factor, but if you take care of it, you should be just fine. Just be prepared!
  3. Hey I havent started my apt grow yet but I would suggest that you plan for the worst odors and also even though its a small 4 plant grow it can still get you in a good amount of trouble depending what state you are in...I would say to spend the few extra bucks to control as much odor as you can...just my opinion...

    Here is a link for a DiY odor control which might help as well...
  4. Easier fix. Ona Gel. Look it up. Its a good fix for small grows.

    I have 1 plant growing in a cabinet. Smell was an issue until I opened the bottle of Ona Gel. Its a heavy duty odor remover.

    Last week my wife came in this room and said "Wow, it smells like weed in here." I opened the bottle of Ona, waited 10 minutes, and asked her to come back. She couldn't smell anything.
  5. :confused:wats Easier fix im lookin it up an i cant find no such thing??
  6. You could always just use some Arm & Hammer odor remover/baking soda and see if it does the trick. I only have one plant, but it seems to work fine for me (full disclosure, I'm not that deep into flowering yet)

  7. Here is a link to ona gel [ame=]ONA Gel 1 Quart:Amazon:patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

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