Small grow area help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mxaddison91, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Frequent smoker here, trying to save a buc and learn a little by growing my own! I find growing interesting and I can't wait to start my closet grow...

    But my question here is simple:

    My grow space isn't all that tall, in the back corner of my closet. How do I stop my plants from growing too tall? The space is only about 3.5' tall

    Mind you, this is my first grow, so a small yield is not an issue. I need some starting experience and I don't want my plants getting too tall and toughing my lights!

    And also: for best results with the area provided, would anyone recommend I go with a small hydo setup or sticking to soil?

    Thanks everyone
  2. Keep it simple with a soil grow.

    And you can either SCROG, LST, or you can look into auto flowering strains.

    What's your setup?

    It's always important to know about lights, soil, nutrients, ventilation, etc to help ensure a successful grow :D
  3. Flower them early and train them. That'll keep them low.

    Small yield is always an issue. Just because it's your first grow shouldn't mean you should let shitty yield pass like it's nothing. Go big or go home.

    I'd stick with soil. With hydro you'll probably have heat issues and all kinds of problems. Soil is easier at first.

  4. Oh yeah you can also flower them early, nice catch spyro.

    But for first grows you should pay attention to quality over quantity.

    Once you get a successful grow under your belt you can worry about maximizing your yield;)
  5. Thanks for the reply guys! So far I have a small PC grow box with CFL's. I'll probably be using that for veg. I'm considering buying a small (but bigger than the PC) cabinet and outfitting it to become the flowering box.

    I have access to various types of seeds collected over time. Not sure which seed is which strain haha

    I haven't started germination yet because I feel like I should have a carbon filter on my grow units before anything? Any suggestions on brands or simple / easy fixes?
  6. I always say eBay has the most inexpensive (sometimes cheaply made) grow equipment. I know it's best to get quality equipment, but starting out, it's good to have something less expensive to "try it out". If you like doing it, then of course, you'll want better gear than what you'll get from eBay.

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