Small, fluffy, wispy Buds = faster dry time?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by chemNuhgz, May 14, 2011.

  1. My question is the title... When I harvest my outdoor grow I have to be really quick and stealthy with the drying process.. So if the title is correct, would it be possible to make my plants fluffier, and not dense. I'm sure I won't have much weight per plant if I go for fluffier buds, but I can care less.
  2. You might try out a different strain that's known for airy buds. You could also shade your current plants so they don't get as much light.
  3. ...or just don't feed them anything at all and you will have shitty airy ass weed... yay :hello::hello::wave:
  4. Nah the drying time won't be very much faster with fluffy buds compared to dense buds...They both take between 7-10 days to completely dry.

    You would be better off growing the dankest weed you could, turn your oven on the lowest possible setting and let the buds dry out for about an hour in there. This results in hay smelling nugs, but most of the THC is still preserved and it will definitely still get you baked. Goodluck.

  5. One of my guys that I pick up from every couple of days always has dank and exotics, and this time he gave me fluffy, airy buds, and I can say that they are very good so.. i dont see how airiness has anything to do with potency. I dont care what the bud looks like anyway, your supposed to smoke it right? lol? :wave:

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