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  1. Hi,I'm in the second week of flowering.A couple of days ago I noticed a few very small flies in my tent,today there are a lot more.They are like a smaller version on a fruit fly.I have some sticky traps hanging up in the tent which has caught a few.The temps in the tent have risen due to warm weather,ranging from 19-29 degrees centigrade.

    What should I do,can anybody point me in the right direction.

  2. Im guessing fungus gnat, google them but for most part sticky traps work on adults,

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  3. Get some fly paper and strips...let your soil dry out completely and then you'll b ok ...try not to have your top soil soaking wet
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    It's Fungal Gnats for sure.. A very common issue.. Mosquito Dunks will control the larva.. A few yellow sticky traps will catch the adults.. Crush a dunk and sprinkle some in each container..
    Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis. (B.t.i.).
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    the fungus gnat is basically harmless other then it buzzing around which can be annoying, but it's larvas are the one the do the damages. It attxk the plants roots. I myself have gnats fly around my plant. Trying so hard to get rid of them because they are fast and burrow down the soil. Using yellow sticky paper help a lots but I don't have larva problem becaus my soil have this natural defender that eat it larva. I don't know how it got there. But somehow it help a lot
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    Thanks guys.I called into my local grow shop.He recommended putting a covering of gnat powder,can't remember the commercial name,over the top of the soil in buckets but said SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer would be a better solution.I'm going to spray the plants tonite and will report back in a few days time.
    Thanks again.
  7. Hi guys,used the SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer spray for a few days,put up more sticky fly traps ( effective but a pain when they stick to your head etc) and the good news is there are no more wee flies-hurraggh.Sprayed the plants on and under the leaves and the top of the soil as well.Thanks to all for their help.
  8. I had the same problem but really bad for my outdoor grow. Right now I just use sticky fly traps + spray organic pesticide & lay organic "powder" type substance on the ground. The smell from both the ground + the spray keeps almost every bug away + the gnats. Then when they start coming back, I'll notice my fly traps start getting built up with dead gnats / flys. Ill then replace the fly traps (I use about 6 to 8 per 100 sq feet, thats probably not needed. I just have my frist grow outdoors and im not gona risk bugs messing me up).
    & Then go buy more of the organic pesticide.

    I have no problem with bugs. Besdies the 1 or 2 gnats that do fly around, but I dont worry because they arent gonna live long.
  9. 1458839662149.jpg would anyone use that if they had flys ?

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  10. Apple cider vinegar traps.
    YouTube them. All you need is the vinegar and an empty bottle

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