Small first time grow hydro aero or soil

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  1. Hydroponic is 50% increased growth. Bucket DWC is easiest for a rookie. GH flora series with hydroguard and calimagic to keep it simple.

    3x3x6.5' flower tent from apollo $96.

    600 watt hps kit with timer and hangers. $166

    HTG bubble brothers 6 bucket DWC kit, comes with airstones, pump, tubing, gravel, ect. $109

    440 cfm 6" centrifugal exhaust fan with speed controller and carbon filter. $140

    General Hydroponics Flora series. $31 Follow the bottle schedule at 50-70% to start.

    General Hydropoincs Calimagic. $16.25

    Botanicare Hydroguard. $22

    General Hydroponics PH indicator solution $13

    PH up and down solution. $15

    That's it for bud. I would only bud 3 buckets in that 3x3 at most maybe 2.

    Get a separate veg tent.
    32"x32"x63" veg/seed grow tent $69

    Small exhaust fan for the veg tent. You can just dump it into the room. The bud tent must dump outside to control temps. $24

    24 site aero cloner with cloning solution. $81

    600w led light for veg area, 252 actual watts. $140

    Use 3 of the buckets in the veg tent and rotate them into the bud tent every two months to the other tent. Start your new strains in the clone machine they'll be perfectly ready for transplant to DWC.
  2. 1 pound+ every two months, once you get it down.
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