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  1. I plan on beginning a grow on a small scale just for personal use. I have looked at several cabinets and such and really need some advice on which way to go. A lot of the $400-500 dollar cabinets are only 36-48in tall is that really enough space? I've grown several outdoor plants they always turned into monsters this could b because that was dirt weed, but I'm still curious. I plan on growing a potent plant that will be a shorter plant with the quality strains what are some suggestions ? want medium yield but don't want the plant to b no more then 4 ft tall maybe a Lil taller, but the shorter the better. Btw plan on doing a scrog

    Next question most of the cabinets are hydroponic does this keep the plant shorter and does it change the yield? It seems like it would be easier or is just good old soil just as good? Last question are the cabinets really worth the money ? I know I sound like a newbie but I've always been a smoker more then a grower lol but any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm an old grower and when I started to price tents. I just did it cheaper, I used perforated metal screwed to the ceiling and double sided taped to the floor. Set with a plumb bob so the walls are straight. 4x8 sheets of 2" or greater polystyrene insulation sheets at your local lowes or HD. Magnets hold the sheets in place. Straight edges form light tight friction fit. I put all my stuff on dollies with 30 gallons of organic living soil. No-till SIPs. Easy and cheap. I used to run aquaponic/aeroponics that I loved but this is sooo much easier and cheap while cranking out the best looking plants of my old ass life.
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  3. Lol thanks I love old heads as I call them a lot of people don't appreciate their knowledge any other advice from anyone not in a big hurry going to start my grow n the next two weeks just trying to get some good advice Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  4. Take a look at jerry111165's sticky. It's a good place to start to see what's possible. I'm usually in the Organics area.
  5. Will do upon looking around all day at different seed banks i found bonzaseeds sensi seeds and attitude seed banks. I'm pretty sure for the first few I'm going to do auto flowering ak47 or auto skunk. I also looked into organic and hydro believe I'm gonna go organic. I believe I'm gonna build my cabinet. I'm a electrical engineer by trade so it's cant be to hard. I plan on researching the best lighting method but I think I'm going to use LEDs if not cfl my box is goin to be 4 foot wide by 4 foot long by 5 foot high. I've seen some nice small plants while looking today ill just have to see who will ship it to my area lol. Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  6. I'm looking at lights and im really need to know the proper wattage do u just get as much as u can or what?Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  7. From the way things look a 400watt cfl will be enough for the top peace correct me if I'm wrongSent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  8. Or would hid be better found a 500w hid set with hood and ballasts for around same priceSent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  9. It also depends on how your going to run. Perpetual? Single runs only? Are you gonna divide the cab? Ventilation?
  10. Plan on making a smaller box on top to grown seedlings plan on making the top about two foot high with the same area as the big box. I am going to run PC fans. Depending on the smell I might add a carbon filter at a later date. I own my own house so the smell is really not a issue I live in the country kinda so don't really get to many visitors. With HID kits they come with two bulbs so why to bulbs when there's one hook up? Also is HID cheaper to run then CFL the CFL is going to use a lot of energy? Witch gives off less heat HID or CFL ? Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  11. I will play with the mix so I can hopefully get a harvest every two-three weeks Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  12. Hey man,
    Can I ask you a question about the SIP set up?
  13. Absolutely, whatcha need?
  14. Thanks. So a little background-I plan on setting up my grow in a structure away from the house with no water access during the winter (other than hauling it). I grew successfully for years in, believe it or not, in those big plastic bins hydroponically.

    My question to you is we're the SIPs water intensive? Did you have to water often and if so was it a lot?

    I'm looking for a low maintenance, physically anyways, system. Any experience with autopots?
  15. My SIPs are 35 gallon geoplanters in morter pans supported by (2) 10" net cups filled with lava/perlite/hydrotron with a 4" perforated pipe around the interior edge of the pans. My system has evolved since those days to now use the sun for my flower. I used to be able to not monitor for a few days (water wise). Now I have met my match with my blue tara and cookies. I put them out at about 4' and they have to be filled daily or they will run dry. Now, I have another pheno of blue tara that likes a little dryer root system. Either that or I didnt get enough aeration in the planter.

    Now that being said, I have left my garden for a week vacation and came back to stellar results. So it all depends on the pheno, environmental, soil aeration, and veg time that determine what the usage will be. When I drop clones directly into the 35's it's a few weeks before I need to refill. The capacity is about 7.5 gallons in the res. If they do run dryish just rehydrate from the top. It's the simplest system I've ever run. I hope that answers your questions.
  16. Wow! Lots of good info. So if I read correctly, you are running these outdoors now?

    Any chance you have a pic of the SIP so I can get a better idea?
  17. These are the under pinnings.
    Self Watering Containers
    That thread and N00b's thread is when we worked it all out.
    Noobwannb's Self Wicking Smartpot ghetto setup

    IMG_2439.JPG IMG_2440.JPG
  18. Oh. I forgot to mention that if you replace the 3/4" pvc corners on the geoplanters with 4-ways then you can outfit with a scrog screen or support system.
  19. I need to speed up my plan to move back to Colorado so I can grow outdoors!

    Thanks again

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