Small fan fell on small plant

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  1. Okay so I just got done setting up my new set up and one of my clip on fans fell on one of my new plants, bout a week or so from seed. It fell from less than 2 ft and knocked off one of the big leaves, but it’s still standing up alright, I added some support just to be safe. Will it be okay?
  2. As long as the main stalk is undamaged it should bounce back. They're very resilient plants. However, it's a very young plant and the shock could be a problem. Yes, use something to stabilize her and then just wait to see new growth.
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    Had that happened on my very first grow and it topped an auto I was growing five of those strains and it was like it was trying to show me something when all was said and done that plant out yell at the other four of the same strain. My point is weed is very resilient. All you need is some bamboo stakes and some electrical tape

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